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African print fabric face mask


These colourful and unique African print fabric face masks are attractive and stylish to wear. The high quality 100% cotton is both breathable and comfortable, which is essential if you are planning to wear them for long periods of time.

Kitenge is using their African print fabric offcuts to make these masks so they are sustainable as well as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper masks. Each purchase helps to support the livelihoods of our tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, as private orders from local customers have dried up due to the pandemic.

The pleated mask, with fabric ties that are easily adjustable, includes a filter pocket. Some of the masks will have different fabric on the front, back and ties so they will be totally unique! Each set of 5 masks comes in an assortment of different colours and ankara fabric.

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Here at Kitenge we aim to celebrate African culture and fashion by creating modern African print clothing that has a unique bold style with colourful, eye- catching patterns.

The name ‘kitenge’ refers to the vibrant African wax print fabrics sold in the busy local markets of Tanzania, East Africa, and it was these fabrics that inspired the founding of Kitenge’s online African boutique.

There is certainly a story to tell behind the steps taken to produce the African wax print fabric used for our clothing. Our high quality, original fabric is printed in Africa using locally sourced 100% cotton.

When our African wax print clothing became popular worldwide, we noticed a demand for made to measure garments that fit perfectly no matter your shape or size. We wanted our customers to be involved in the design process by customising their own made to measure clothes online!

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We believe that every garment worker deserves to be paid fairly, treated with respect and work in a safe environment. The demand for cheap and fast fashion has a negative impact on garment workers lives.

Our founder believed there was a better and fairer way to produce high quality, durable clothing, which also does good for artisans while supporting their fine craftsmanship.

Kitenge, a social enterprise, empowers tailors in Tanzania to improve their livelihoods. Through the profits made from our orders, our tailors have opened their own workshops, built larger premises, purchased sewing machines and equipment and hired and trained new staff.

Furthermore, our raw materials from the fabric to the swing tickets are locally sourced from small businesses in Tanzania supporting the local economy and African textile industry. Find out more about our story and why we exist.

We hope you like our African boutique online, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions then please do feel free to contact us!

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