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5 Ways to Style Your Made to Measure Skirt

How to wear your made measure skirt or african print skirt

Made to measure skirts are tailored to fit your own unique body measurements. Therefore, you are more likely to wear the skirt more often, than an off-the-peg skirt, because it will fit perfectly and be more comfortable to wear. Tailored skirts look more flattering and give you body confidence as well as allow you to show your own unique personality and style. As you get to choose the type and color of African print fabric, you could be the only person in your country or the world wearing it!

Women's amber African print skirt pencil style Kitenge Store customer wearing USA

A happy Kitenge customer wearing her African print pencil skirt to suit her own unique, personal style

Custom made skirts often use high-quality materials, compared to ‘fast fashion‘ commonly found in high street shops, so the fabric is more durable and possibly eco-friendly. An individual or a group of expert tailors produce made to measure skirts to the highest standard. Made to measure skirts are designed to fit you perfectly so you are more likely to wear them regularly and for many years instead of throwing them away after only a few wears. These benefits have a positive impact on the environment as the life cycle of the garment is prolonged.

Unwanted clothing sustainable fashion

A pile of unwanted, second-hand clothing caused by ‘fast fashion’

There are a number of different ways that a made to measure skirt can be worn. They are great staple pieces to include in your wardrobe and can easily be worn all year round and to many different events.

How to Style Your Made to Measure Skirt

We have put together a list of 5 different ways you can style a made to measure skirt:

1) Wear with a plain matching shirt or top

You can either tuck the shirt or top into the waistband if the skirt is high-waisted or simply layer it over the top. If you decide to tuck the top into the waistband it is more flattering to wear a fitted shirt or vest top to avoid bulging.

Amber Womens African Print Pencil Skirt Model Wearing

A Kitenge model wearing a plain black blouse with her African print pencil skirt

It is best to choose a plain-colored, contrasting shirt or top that goes with the color(s) in the made to measure skirt. If the skirt material is printed then you want it to be the main focal point of the outfit.

2) Wear your made to measure skirt with heels or flats

What’s great about made to measure skirts is how versatile they can be. They can easily be worn to many different occasions from daytime in the office to a party with your friends in the evening.

Kitenge founder Sian wearing African print pencil skirt with white shirt-and heals African fashion trend 2020

Kitenge founder, Sian, wearing an African print pencil skirt with heels at a business event 

Simple changes, such as the type of shoes you wear, can help make the skirt adaptable to different environments. For example, you may feel more comfortable wearing a skirt with smart, flat shoes to work. You can then change to heels or wedges for a formal event in the evening or wear with trainers or sandals in more casual settings. It is really that simple to transition your outfit from day to night.

3) Wear with a jumper and boots

In the winter, you can wear a made to measure skirt with a matching jumper, tights or leggings and boots. The type of boots you wear depends on the length and type of skirt. Ankle boots, for example, look good with midi or long-length skirts. You may prefer to wear the skirt with different layers on top such as a cardigan and/or jacket that can easily be removed if you feel too hot. This is a great way to wear your skirt all year round despite the weather or season! You will certainly get your money’s worth.

4) Wear with bare legs, tights, or leggings

During warm weather, you can easily wear tailored skirts with bare legs. If the temperature drops in the evening then you can always carry a pair of tights or leggings in your handbag. Leggings are great for casual looks and are easy to wear.

Women's amber African print pencil skirt model wearing fashion show Africa on The Square London UK

A Kitenge model wearing her African print pencil skirt with heels, beaded jewelry, and a handbag to match

5) Don’t forget to accessorize!

Accessories can really transform an outfit but remember that simple is best so don’t overdo it. For example, if you choose to wear bold, dangly earrings then it is best not to wear a necklace too. A chunky bracelet or statement necklace looks great with a plain-colored top and skirt to give your outfit a unique finishing touch. The type of jewelry you wear can really highlight your sense of style and creativity.


Black pewter Womens African Beaded Bracelet Front View Model Wearing Black Womens African Beaded Necklace

Kitenge African beaded jewelry is a great way to make a bold statement

The type of bag you choose to wear with the outfit depends on the type of skirt and the type of occasion you wish to wear it to. For example, you may prefer to wear a bag with a long strap if wearing a maxi skirt. A belt is another great accessory that you can wear with a made to measure skirt. If your outfit has dark-colored tones then a bright-colored belt will complete your look. The type of belt and where you choose to wear it (around your waist or hips) depends on the style of the skirt.

Kitenge’s Made to Measure Skirts, Handmade in Africa

While you are here why not explore our range of colorful made to measure African print pencil skirts? All you need to do is choose your favorite original African wax print fabric from our unique collection.


A model wearing a red and blue African print ankara women's pencil skirt at the Fabric Africa Fashion Show in Bristol Museum UK Women's blue purple made to measure skirt pencil style with slit model wearing

Kitenge made to measure African print pencil skirts

Then follow our simple ‘how to measure guide’ using a fabric tape measure and a friend or relative to help you. There are just four easy body measurements that we require to make your dream skirt: waist, hips, leg circumference, and your desired length.

Tip: create an account before entering your measurements on the product page so that you can save your measurements for future purchases of made to measure garments. This will also make it easier if you wish to order another skirt in the future, as you will not need to enter your measurements again.

Once you have entered your measurements on the product page add your skirt to the basket. You can check the shipping cost here for your delivery country and redeem any discount coupons that you may have. You can currently get 10% off your first order when you subscribe to our newsletter!

Our made to measure garments are shipped from Tanzania, where our highly-skilled tailors are based. Proceed to the checkout page where you can pay by debit or credit card or PayPal. If you would like to tell us something specific about your order then you can add a note at the bottom of the checkout page.


Kitenge master tailor sewing African print clothing at his workshop in Tanzania East Africa

Kitenge’s Master Tailor, Abdallah, opened his own workshop in 2016 using the profits made from our orders

There are so many benefits to purchasing from Kitenge. Firstly, we are a social enterprise empowering our tailors to improve their livelihoods one colorful, made to measure garment at a time! Therefore, your purchase will help to support and grow our tailors’ own businesses.

Since our tailors have started working with us they have been able to start their own businesses, hire and train new staff (reducing local unemployment), purchase new sewing machines and equipment, build and move to larger premises, buy land to build a family home of their own and support their families more easily.

Kitenge tailor called Betty standing inside her newly built worksop in Tanzania before the windows and front door is put in

Betty built a new workshop in her family’s compound to expand her business

Betty with her talented team of tailors and Kitenge Store Founder Sian standing inside her newly built workshop in Tanzania laughing together

Inside Betty’s new workshop with her employees, mainly female tailors 

Your purchase will not only help our tailors but also the many small businesses in Tanzania where we buy our raw materials. This includes the family-run business where we buy our brightly colored fabrics, the embroidery factory that produces our brand labels, and the graphic designer who prints our swing tickets.

Another benefit is that you will be purchasing from an ethical fashion business that puts people before profit. We know every single tailor and supplier in our supply chain so know exactly who makes your clothes. We like to connect our customers with the makers by sending them photos and videos of the tailor making their made to measure clothing whenever possible.

A video of Kitenge’s African menswear tailor, Emile, making a made to measure shirt, which was taken for the customer

After the fabric for your order has been cut, we recycle all the offcuts by using them to make small accessories or donating them to local female artisans, charities, and schools for art projects. Therefore nothing is wasted, which is more sustainable and better for the planet. Made to measure clothing also helps to protect the environment as we only cut our fabrics to order and do not hold large surplus stock at the end of each season like many off-the-peg clothing retailers. This prevents unwanted clothing from ending up in landfill, which releases harmful toxic chemicals into the air.

textile clothing waste landfill unwanted clothes sustainable fashion

Unwanted clothing gets dumped in landfill, which harms the environment

If you have any questions about our made to measure clothing please visit our FAQ’s page or feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. 🙂

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