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6 Places to Wear Your Made to Measure Shirt

Kitenge customer wearing his custom made shirt at home in Switzerland ready for his holiday

Made to measure shirts allow you to express your individual style and fit you to perfection but do you wonder where you could wear such a unique and fabulous shirt? Kitenge’s Men’s colourful shirts allow you to stand out, bring some colour/energy to the room and make you (and others around you) feel happy wherever you may be.

There are numerous opportunities to show off your made to measure shirt including: at festivals, social events with friends and family, weddings, at the office and holidays. African print shirts for men and women are incredibly versatile so the number of opportunities to wear your shirt is limitless! Our bold shirts look trendy and stylish wherever you choose to wear them.

Continue reading to find out where you could wear yours!

Styling Your Made to Measure Shirts

At home

We can’t think of a better place to wear your perfectly fitting, comfortable made to measure shirt than at home. Whether it be while you are sitting in the garden enjoying an iced cold beverage when catching some sun or listening to your favourite African music playlist whilst chilling on the sofa or even impressing your work colleagues on your next video conference call if working from home!

A happy Kitenge customer wearing his African menswear shirt at home outside in the garden

A Kitenge customer modelling his comfortable African print shirt at home

In the office

Office fashion has become pretty dull, boring and repetitive. Have you noticed that men in particular dress very similarly in the office? You do not have to wear black, grey and white to look smart. Kitenge’s African menswear shirts can be styled at work by pairing them with a plain-coloured matching blazer, sweater or waistcoat over the top and smart trousers. Alternatively, our plain coloured made to measure shirts with optional African print fabric contrasts are more subtle.

Tip: make sure that the colours of the blazer go with the colours in the African print shirt.


Kitenge Store models wearing plain coloured custom made shirts with optional African wax print fabric contrasts office


There is also the option of wearing a plain coloured tie with your African style shirt that matches the colours in the print. Or simply wear the shirt without a tie and chinos for a more casual, dressed-down look.

Tip: you can also roll up the sleeves if you own a long sleeve shirt.

You could also wear a vibrant African print fabric necktie with a plain white or black coloured shirt and add a matching pocket square in your blazer pocket.


Working from home style ideas African print necktie


Read our blog about how to own the office with these bold men’s African print shirts.

At a Festival

Kitenge’s African print shirts are perfect for wearing to music festivals including world music, reggae and carnivals such as Notting Hill. The bold and vibrant colours will help you to stand out in a crowd and get you noticed. A positive benefit is that if you lose your friends or relatives they will easily be able to find you!

Kitenge customers modelling their African print shirts at WOMAD Festival Kitenge customers modelling their Kitenge African menswear shirts at One Love Festival Kitenge customers wearing their African fabric shirts at Victorious Festival UK Father and son wearing matching Kitenge African print style shirts with short sleeves at Glastonbury Festival UK

Kitenge customers modelling their African print shirts at WOMAD, One Love, Victorious and Glastonbury music festivals in the UK

To an Evening Do

The versatile nature of Kitenge shirts means that they are also suitable for social events such as parties with friends and family, word dos and special occasions including weddings. Our customer (below left) wore his shirt to his doctorate graduation ceremony in New York City, USA.

Kitenge customer wearing his made to measure shirt for special occasion in USA Kitenge customer wearing their african print shirt to black tie charity fundraising ball at The Dorchester hotel in London UK

Kitenge customers wearing their made to measure shirts to special occasions (credit: 3ilan Photography)

The customer (above right) decided to wear his shirt to a black-tie event with a black bow tie. The event had an ‘out of Africa’ theme. This example shows that it is possible to wear our shirts in formal settings particularly if you wear with a black dinner jacket and smart trousers.

“I was very proud to have so many positive comments from people about my shirt. It really did go down well and I was proud to tell people about the great work that Kitenge does in being an ethical fashion provider and industry of the people in Tanzania who make the garments. So thanks again for giving me a shirt to stand out with at the ball!” (Tim, UK)

On holiday

Our shirts are great for taking on holiday with you especially in hot climates, as the 100% cotton will keep you nice and cool. Why not order a matching made to measure short sleeve shirt and pair of shorts in the same African fabric for an all-in-one look? Our shirts are popular for taking on cruises, for example to The Caribbean, and our made to measure shorts make great beach attire. You can choose if you would like to have deep side pockets and a drawstring tie.


Men's red yellow African print short sleeved shirt and matching shorts kitenge customer wearing at womad festival uk Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new red yellow blue short sleeve African print shirt

A Kitenge customer wearing a matching African print shirt and pair of shorts (left) and a customer wearing their custom-made shirt with a Panama hat in Switzerland ready to take on holiday (right)

To Impress a Loved One

If you are planning to take your other half for a romantic meal on ‘date night’ then why not dress up smartly by wearing one of our long sleeve shirts with smart trousers or black jeans? Perhaps our Custom Made to Measure Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt will be the perfect fit (excuse the pun) because of the colours and pattern!


Men's red/blue floral custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view

Kitenge’s custom made to measure Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt

Benefits of Made to Measure Shirts 

We have mentioned a few examples of where you can wear Kitenge’s made to measure shirts but the list of possibilities is endless. You can easily wear the shirts in both casual and formal settings, for example, meeting up with your friends at the pub to weddings and even black tie events! This shows just how versatile the shirts can be and also their value for money. Our made to measure shirts also have many benefits including:

1) Durability – they last longer saving you money in the long-term

2) Superior fit – you will wear them more often

3) Comfort – they are more comfortable to wear

4) Look good – you will look more stylish and your body shape will look more flattering

5) Improves your mood – they will help to increase your confidence, self-esteem and happiness

7) Creativity – design the shirt to suit your own unique style and personality

8) Sustainable fashion – support sustainable fashion as you are buying quality over quantity and made to measure shirts are cut to order minimising unnecessary waste

9) Versatility – you can wear them to lots of different places and occasions

10) Quality materials – made to measure shirts are made using high-quality materials

Browse Kitenge’s Range of Colourful Custom-Made Shirts

Kitenge’s custom-made shirts come in a range of different patterns and colours and are a great addition to any wardrobe. Our broad range of one-of-a-kind African print fabric includes both vibrant and more muted tones so there is a print to suit each individual personality. The premium 100% cotton fabrics will keep you nice and cool in hot climates and warm in cold climates. The shirts can be machine-washed and the fabric softens after each wash so they are incredibly comfortable to wear.

A big benefit of ordering custom made shirts from Kitenge is that you can get creative by designing them yourselves at our African boutique online. You get to choose which collar, cuff, placket, pocket, and hem style you prefer as well as the pocket(s) position. Our men’s shirts can be ordered in either short or long-sleeve lengths and our women’s shirts are available to order in short, 3/4 or long-sleeve lengths.

All we need is for you to measure a shirt that fits you well at home by following our simple ‘how to measure’ guides. If you haven’t already purchased one of our unique made to measure shirts then why not have a browse around our site? Learn about our perfect fit guarantee and take advantage of our amazing special offer – when you buy your first made to measure shirt you can get another one for free (use code: MTMFIRST)!


Men's made to measure shirts special offer


You can also find out more about all our made to measure garments, read our story, meet our highly skilled team of tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, who will make your dream shirt and read what our fabulous customers have to say about us. If you have any questions please visit our FAQ’s page and feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to help. 🙂

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