August 27, 2020 - Clothing & Accessories

Announcing the Launch of Kitenge’s African Accessories

African print fabric headwraps women's African accessories

We’ve got some exciting news to announce! The Kitenge team has been working really hard behind the scenes and is now ready to share our brand new women’s African accessories collection with you, which we have recently launched on our online store!

From colorful and unique face masks, which have been really popular during the pandemic, to gorgeous headwraps in different sizes and fun hair scrunchies using recycled fabric offcuts, continue reading to find out more about our fabulous new African print fabric accessories range.

What’s New? 

At Kitenge HQ, we’ve launched a brand new women’s accessories range using our colorful, high-quality, authentic ankara fabric. The launch of our popular African print face masks went so well in May that we decided to expand our collection further.


Kitenge African print fabric face masks modelled by a UK family


During the pandemic, we received requests for matching face masks to compliment Kitenge’s stunning African print dresses. Many of our customers have shown an interest in wearing a matching accessory to their African wax print clothing so we thought we’d better deliver!

In the past, we also made a stunning headwrap for a customer who wanted to match her new African print skirt that she bought from our stall at a UK music festival. We’ve also received numerous requests over the years to make hair scrunchies, which we will be adding to our range shortly so watch this space!

African Print Face Masks

Wearing a face mask or face covering has become the norm in many countries around the world due to Coronavirus (Covid-19). Our talented tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, experienced a huge decline in orders from their private customers who live locally during the pandemic.

When our master tailor, Abdallah, called us to explain that he had no work we knew that we had to act quickly to support him and his family as this had never happened before and was extremely worrying. We immediately got to work and managed to turn around a brand-new product within a week!

African print fabric mask model wearing front view

We quickly worked with Abdallah and our African menswear tailors to develop a new pleated face mask design featuring adjustable fabric ties and a filter pocket.

One of Kitenge’s menswear tailors, Denis, making a pleated style face mask

Originally, we planned to use elastic ties but found that the fabric ties fit much better for different head shapes and sizes as they could easily be adjusted. The African print fabric ties also looked great as well as being practical.

Kitenge’s master tailor, Abdallah, making the adjustable fabric ties at his own workshop in Tanzania, which he opened in 2016 using the profits made from our orders

Another reason for using fabric ties was that elastic ties could lose their elasticity after numerous washes in a machine so the fit would not be as good. We decided to include pre-cut pieces of elastic and helpful instructions to send to customers with their face masks so that they could alter them, if preferred, to an elastic tie around the ears.

We also decided to use our recycled fabric offcuts from previous African print clothing production to make our sustainable face masks. Some of our masks have a different kitenge fabric design on the front and back side of the masks as well as the fabric ties – they really are one of a kind!


African print fabric face masks handmade in Tanzania 100 percent cotton


Our reusable and eco-friendly face coverings come in a set of 5 in assorted colors and patterns and are really easy to care for. The masks should be washed before the first use and immediately after each use. They can either be hand-washed or machine-washed at temperatures of up to 40 degrees using detergent. The masks should be ironed using high heat preferably with steam.

The face masks do not come with filters, such as paper towels and coffee filters, so we recommend searching online for available options. If you would like to insert a filter into the pocket so that the masks have three layers, then we recommend cutting the filter to 4 x 4½ inches (10 x 14cm) with curved edges at the top and bottom to fit inside the masks. Filters should be discarded after each use before washing the masks.

African wax print fabric face mask filter pocket closeup

The filter pocket on the backside of the mask

Kitenge’s face masks are available for immediate dispatch from the UK to many countries worldwide within 1-2 working days. Take a look at what our fabulous customers have to say about them!

Comfortable & Trendy African Headwraps

We are really excited to launch our new Kitenge headwraps, which are available in two different sizes. If you would like the headwrap to cover just the sides of your head, then you can go for the 72 x 11 inches size. Alternatively, if you prefer the headwrap to cover your whole head then you should go for the 72 x 22 inches size.


Ankara fabrics used to make African wax print headwraps


Kitenge’s turban-style headwraps are extremely versatile as they can be wrapped in so many different ways as demonstrated by one of our tailors, Betty, and her sister, in Tanzania below. The headscarves, made using premium authentic fabrics printed in West Africa, can also be worn as a trendy neck scarf and are a great way to deal with a bad hair day!

Our African print headwraps are lovingly made-to-order, which is more sustainable than making lots of headscarves in bulk, as we do not carry stock. Once we have received your order via our African boutique online our tailors will begin to cut the fabric to your desired size and join the two pieces of your chosen fabric together. We aim to make and ship your order worldwide from Tanzania within 5 working days.

Why not take advantage of our special offer and treat yourself to more than one headwrap to get 10% off (use code: HEADWRAPS10)? Our brightly colored headscarves also make great gifts for friends and family.

Shop our stunning range of headwraps.

Stylish African Hair Scrunchies (Coming Soon)

African print hair scrunchies are fun, fashionable, and stylish to wear. We are excited to launch these sustainable hair accessories shortly by using our recycled fabric offcuts. There are so many colorful kitenge prints that we have used in the past to make our gorgeous garments, so we are really looking forward to using them to make these unique accessories!

How to Style Your New Accessories

Our new accessories look fabulous when matched with our made to measure clothing including our classy African print pencil skirts. You could wear a pencil skirt with a matching headwrap, tied in a knot, bow, or turban twist, and a plain-colored fitted top, blouse, or shirt tucked inside the waistband to match the colors in the print. Our versatile pencil skirts can be worn casually with sandals or pumps and on more formal occasions with high heels.


Women's black diamond African print pencil skirt customer modelling at Africa Oye Festival in Liverpool UK

An example of how you could wear an African print headwrap casually with a pencil skirt

Our custom-made colourful African shirts in either short, 3/4, or long sleeve lengths also look great with a matching headwrap and a pair of casual jeans and sneakers if you are planning to pop out to the shops or hang out with friends at the park. This is one of the many style ideas that features in our summer African fashion guide. The headwraps look great when worn with bold statement, dangly earrings too.


Women's custom tailored shirts pink orange flower model wearing front view

Kitenge’s Custom-Made Women’s Pink/Orange Flower Short Sleeve Shirt worn with a pair of jeans

If you would like to order a set of 5 face masks (or individual masks) in the same kitenge print as one of our made to measure garments then please contact us and we can make a special order for you. Our headwraps are made-to-order in the same African wax print fabrics as our made to measure clothing so you will be able to order these directly on our online store to match.

If you order a made to measure clothing item with either bespoke face masks and/or headwraps together, they’ll be handmade and shipped to you by courier (DHL) within 1-2 weeks of receiving your order.

Browse Kitenge’s Stunning New Stock 

While you are here why not browse Kitenge’s new women’s African accessories and let us know if you have any questions? If there are any particular accessories that you would love us to make in the future then please send us your feedback by emailing As always, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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