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Autumn African Style Ideas

Men's red/blue floral African print fabric custom-made shirts by Kitenge Store model wearing

Now that autumn is here the weather will start to become colder, which means new outfit styles to explore! Autumn styles can be just as fun as summer styles and certainly do not need to be boring.

African styles can add colour, creativity and uniqueness to your wardrobe during colder months and keep you feeling fresh, happy, energised as well as comfortable due to the colourful and soft nature of the 100% cotton fabric.

Continue reading for some great African style tips and ideas!

Choosing the Best African Styles for Autumn

What makes African styles so great is their versatility. African print clothing can easily be worn all year round by making simple changes to your legwear, footwear and accessories for example.

With so many benefits to rocking an African print outfit and with plenty of style options to choose from, we have narrowed it down to just a few to keep you inspired throughout the autumn months.

Women’s African Autumn Styles Top Picks

African Print Shirt Paired with Your Favourite Jeans

Women’s African print shirts always look fantastic when worn with jeans for a casual look. They can also be dressed up with dark blue or black jeans for smarter occasions such as parties or pub drinks with friends. You could wear a plain coloured, fitted t-shirt underneath the shirt for extra warmth.

Accessorise with statement earrings such as large hoops and an African print headwrap, hairband or scrunchie to match! Depending on the occasion, you can wear this outfit choice with either trainers, flats, boots or high heels. You really cannot go wrong with this gorgeous look!


Women's custom made to measure red floral african print long sleeve shirt customer modelling at Africa on The Square event in Trafalgar Square London inside Kitenge's stall

A Kitenge customer wearing her Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt at an African music festival in London, UK, with dark blue jeans and statement tassel earrings

African Print Trousers to Match Your Cosy Blouse

African print trousers look great when paired with a plain-coloured top, blouse, shirt, cardigan, sweater or hoodie. You can easily add or remove layers too, which is useful if you’re not quite sure what the weather will be like.

Black goes with anything but you can also experiment by wearing a plain coloured blouse that matches one of the colours in the ankara fabric.

You can easily accessorise with some African beaded jewellery and a plain coloured neck scarf. The trousers can be worn casually with comfortable trainers or ankle boots if out shopping or dressed up with heels for a fancy dinner out!


Women's brown made to measure trousers model wearing African fashion catwalk

A model wearing Brown African Print Trousers with a plain black fitted top and high heels

African Print Skirts for an Autumn Dinner Out

African print skirts are also really easy to wear during autumn especially if the colours are more muted. We love to wear them with plain black leggings or thick tights for warmth and any footwear depending on the occasion.

They look cute when paired with a plain-coloured sweater or hoodie if catching up with friends during the day or a fitted long-sleeve top or blouse and cardigan if going out for dinner.


kitenge store customer modelling her red/green african print skirt at AfroFest in Bristol UK

A Kitenge customer wearing her African print flare skirt in the summer with autumnal colours that can easily be worn during colder months by wearing with leggings, boots and a warm sweater or cardigan


A model wearing a red and blue African print ankara women's pencil skirt at the Fabric Africa Fashion Show in Bristol Museum UK

A model wearing a Red African Print Pencil Skirt with a long sleeve fitted top to match the colours in the kitenge print – wear with thick tights in the autumn with heels, flats or boots

Ankara Dresses Styled with Ankle Boots 

Wearing African print dresses with ankle boots was a popular fashion trend in 2020, which remains popular! This look will be easy to accomplish during autumn by simply wearing your dress with leggings or tights! For added warmth, you can wear it with a plain coloured cardigan over the top and/or a thicker bomber-style jacket.


Kitenge African print clothing stall at Africa on The Square in Trafalgar Square London UK


Men’s African Autumn Styles Top Picks

Pair Your Long Sleeve African Print Shirt with Smart Jeans

Men’s long sleeve African print shirts look great with smart dark blue or black jeans, shoes and a belt to match. During the colder months, you can even wear it with a fitted plain-coloured sweater and/or a blazer over the top and a scarf if required.

This is a great look for a dinner date if you are looking to impress! Did you know that the colour red is strongly associated with romance and passion? It also helps you to get noticed. Learn more about what the colour of your shirt says about you!


Men's red/blue floral custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view

Kitenge’s Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt is perfect for dinner dates and the dark colours make it easy to wear all year round!

Casual T-Shirt to Match Your African Print Trousers

If there is an Indian summer then you may prefer to wear a casual t-shirt to match a pair of extremely comfortable African print trousers with a pair of trainers.

If you later feel cold in the evening you can easily throw on a jumper or hoodie. You could accessorise this look with a watch or bracelets.

Men's African print trousers and plain white t-shirt outfit model wearing Tanzania

A Kitenge model wearing a pair of dark blue African print trousers and a white t-shirt with a watch to match

Opt for Darker Colours

In both our men’s ready-to-wear and custom-made shirts collections, we’ve got lots of fabulous African prints in autumnal colours including brown, green, red and blue tones. Our top picks are the brown/blue and red/blue long sleeve shirts as modelled below.


Men's ready to wear brown/blue African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view hands in pockets Men's ready to wear red/blue African print long sleeve shirt front view of a model wearing with hands in jean pockets

Kitenge’s Brown/Blue African Print Long Sleeve Shirt and Red/Blue African Print Long Sleeve Shirt

Kitenge recently launched a new plain coloured made to measure shirts collection with optional African print contrasts for a truly unique look. Learn how to style our new plain coloured shirts with your existing wardrobe.


Kitenge Store models wearing plain coloured custom made shirts with optional African wax print fabric contrasts office

Kitenge’s plain coloured shirts for men with optional African print fabric contrasts

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches: Accessories!

Adding the finishing touches to an African style outfit is also really important but remember to keep it simple so that you can let the African print fabric do the talking!

You could wear a headscarf in the same kitenge print to match your African print shirt, trousers or skirt! Kitenge’s African print headwraps are made to order by our tailors in Tanzania and can be shipped worldwide separately or with any of our made to measure garments.

The headwraps are available in two different sizes depending on whether you prefer just the side of your head or all of your head to be covered. They can also be worn as a neck scarf too!

Our tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, also make trendy African print bow ties, neckties and pocket squares by hand, which are also made to order. They look fabulous when worn with a plain coloured shirt and black suit for formal occasions such as a ball.


Men's African print bow ties model wearing with suspenders Men's red blue African necktie model wearing front view

Gold Floral African Print Bow Tie and Red/Blue African Necktie by Kitenge store

You could wear a Kitenge necktie at the office if you wish to add a splash of colour to your outfit to stand out in a crowd! It will certainly put a smile on your colleagues’ faces whether at the office or on a video conference call if working from home.

Our African print accessories also make great gifts for loved ones especially for birthdays and Christmas coming up. We are currently offering a 10% discount when you purchase more than one headwrap, necktie or bow tie so make sure you take advantage of this great offer!

Shop Your Favourite African Autumn Styles with Kitenge

Shop Kitenge’s quality range of African print clothing to start building a collection of outfits ready for autumn that can be worn all year round and will last for many years to come!

All our made to measure clothing is lovingly handmade to order. Once we have received your order our tailors will begin to cut the authentic African wax print fabric (or plain-coloured fabric) in your desired measurements for a perfect fit.


Kitenge Store models wearing African print shirts for men at bar

Custom-made African print shirts by Kitenge Store

Don’t forget to take advantage of our special offer on men’s and women’s made to measure shirts. When you purchase your first made to measure shirt you can get another one for FREE!

Simply design and add two made to measure shirts (with the same sleeve length) to your basket and use the code MTMFIRST on the basket page to get 50% off.

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