November 20, 2020 - Ethical & Sustainable

The Best Ethical Gift Ideas for You or a Loved One

Ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts shop local and support small businesses

Are you looking for a unique and conscious gift for your partner, friend or relative that does good for people and the planet?

Giving an ethical gift not only makes you feel good but also the person you purchase it for, as it shows you have put a lot of thought and consideration into it.

There are so many different ethical gifts available to buy that can go a long way, not only benefitting you and the planet but also the small businesses that need your support more than ever and crucially the people who make or grow them behind the scenes.

Why You Should Go Ethical

Large chain stores and online giants, such as Amazon, are more likely to survive the Coronavirus pandemic than small independent retailers as they make a greater profit and can apply for financial support more easily. Your purchase doesn’t make as much of an impact on businesses like this.

However small independent businesses care about every single purchase they make; there’s no better time to support local stores that need it and would really appreciate your help.

Support small independent retailers during Covid-19

Since the pandemic, consumers have favored brands that care most about people and the environment. Local businesses that helped during the crisis by making PPE such as cloth face masks and providing free meals to health care workers on the frontline, for example, have been consumers’ first choice.

You can learn more about how our fashion habits have changed due to Covid-19 in our blog:

Ethical businesses also care more about the planet by adopting sustainable practices. Sustainable clothing brands source natural fabrics from sustainable sources and use recycled packaging.

For example, Kitenge’s made to measure clothes are made-to-order which helps to reduce fabric wastage; garments are less likely to end up in landfills, as they fit the wearer perfectly and are made to last.

textile clothing waste landfill unwanted clothes sustainable fashion

Top 5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Him or Her

Stylish Sustainable T’s

Good quality staple T’s, made from natural fabrics such as 100% organic cotton, are comfortable and useful gifts, as they get so much wear.

We recently stumbled across an interesting sustainable brand called Son of a Tailor. They make custom-fitted durable t-shirts, polo, and sweatshirts in Portugal and are carbon neutral.

Kitenge’s unique made to measure shirts also make great sustainable gifts for both men and women. You can choose the fabric color/pattern and customize the shirt for a loved one or let them choose themselves.


Kitenge customer modelling his African print shirts for men in the US Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new yellow pineapple long sleeve African print shirt

Happy Kitenge customers in the US & Switzerland wearing their made to measure shirts

It’s really easy to measure a shirt that fits your loved one at home by following our simple ‘how to measure’ guides. Your first purchase will also be covered by our perfect fit guarantee.

Ethical Candles Made with Love

Eco-friendly candles such as WXY are made using plant-based wax (palm oil-free) and natural essential oils. They are often inspired by nature and the natural world, which is good for relieving stress and anxiety if spending more time at home.

These thoughtful gifts create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere and can make a home smell wonderful. Once the candle has finished burning, the glass can be recycled to store items such as pens or can be used to make another candle.

Sustainable Skincare Gift Sets

Tropic is a skincare brand made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients. Their products are kind to the skin and are freshly made in the UK. They have approval from The Vegan Society, as they never test their products on animals, and their packaging is recyclable and refillable.

Natural sustainable skincare ethical Christmas gift ideas

This ethical skincare comparison table is really interesting, helpful, and informative when looking for sustainable skincare. Did any of the ethical company rankings on the list surprise you?

Versatile Ethical Accessories

You can’t go wrong with fashionable accessories because they can easily transform an outfit that already exists in your loved one’s wardrobe. What’s even better is if they have a story behind them so the receiver can find out where they have come from including who made them.

Kitenge Store’s unique African print accessories are lovingly handmade by talented tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, sometimes using fabric offcuts which reduces waste and prevents it from ending up in landfills.


Men's red floral African print fabric bow tie

Kitenge’s Red Floral African Print Fabric Bow Tie

These colourful African style accessories are made to order and include stylish women’s headwraps, quirky men’s bow ties and jazzy neckties. We also have some gorgeous African beaded jewellery half price in our ready-to-wear sale with free UK delivery (use code: FREEUKSHIPPING).

Black pewter Womens African Beaded Bracelet Front View Model Wearing Black Womens African Beaded Necklace

Kitenge’s Black/Pewter African Beaded Bracelet and Black African Beaded Necklace 

Sustainable Clothing Gift Ideas

We’ve known Nick Hooper Design since we traded at our very first UK music festival back in 2015. We have since popped up near their stall at a number of different music festivals and were able to learn more about their fantastic family-run small independent business.

Watch Nick draw all his intricate designs by hand before screen-printing in a shed in his garden using hand-built frames, a home-built darkroom, and environmentally friendly inks. He also tie-dyes some of his t-shirts before screen-printing his designs over the top.

Nick’s inspiration comes from adaptations of indigenous designs from around the world as well as wildlife including elephants, sharks, and bats. Each design has a history and a unique story behind which is fascinating to discover. The clothing is 100% cotton which is comfortable to wear all year round and is long-lasting.

Sadly, all music festivals in the UK were canceled in 2020 but you can still easily shop Nick’s fun and sustainable clothing for men, women, and children online!

Shop Kitenge’s Popular Range of Ethical Clothing

Kitenge Store’s African menswear and women’s African print clothing is fashionable, stylish, and better yet – ethical!


Models wearing men's African print shirt and women's African print pencil skirt by Kitenge


From custom made shirts in plain colors and ankara fabric to extremely comfortable African print trousers and flattering to wear African print pencil skirts. There is a tailored garment and kitenge print design that suits each unique and individual personality.

Shop Kitenge’s stunning range of ethical clothing items in our African boutique online and get in touch if you have any questions! We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to help. Get 10% off your first order when you subscribe to our newsletter.

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