Ethical & Sustainable

How to upcycle old clothing into something brand new
Ethical & Sustainable

New Year, New Wardrobe? How to Upcycle Old Clothes!

A new year can mean new outfits and styles influenced by new fashion trends. As we head towards a new...

Ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts shop local and support small businesses
Ethical & Sustainable

The Best Ethical Gift Ideas for You or a Loved One

Are you looking for a unique and conscious gift for your partner, friend or relative that does good for people...

It's time for a fashion revolution fashion revolution week ethical and sustainable fashion
Ethical & Sustainable

Fashion Revolution Week 2022 – Working Towards a Sustainable Fashion Industry

It’s shocking to think that the value of unused clothing in wardrobes is estimated at £30 billion and a further...

Unique Valentine's Day gifts
Ethical & Sustainable

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

We wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day on February 14th! Whatever your plans, now is the perfect time...

rusable canvas bag sustainable new year resolution
Ethical & Sustainable

Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions to Help You and The Planet

New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult to make and even more challenging to keep. We all want to make sustainable...

Ethical and sustainable fashion trends 2021 recycle clothes
Ethical & Sustainable

Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2021

Over the past few years, there has been an increased desire for ethically and sustainably produced clothing as consumers become...

Shopping online for african print clothing and made to measure garments
Ethical & Sustainable

How Fashion Habits Have Changed Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has certainly affected our fashion habits. Less people are shopping in physical stores due to lockdown measures and fewer...

Empty clothing factory during Covid-19 pandemic
Ethical & Sustainable

How COVID-19 May Have a Positive Impact on a Sustainable Future for the Fashion Industry

According to the website Fashion United and a study by the Boston Consulting Group, the economic crisis is expected to...

Made to measure clothes online
Ethical & Sustainable

The Positive Impact of Made to Measure on Fast Fashion

According to Good on You, “Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that samples ideas from the catwalk...

buy less choose well make it last Vivienne Westwood ethical fashion quote Fashion Revolution campaign
Ethical & Sustainable

What is Sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion considers the environment in every step of a product’s life cycle from design, development, raw materials and production...

Who made my clothes? (Fashion Revolution campaign)
Ethical & Sustainable

What are The Current Ethical Issues in The Fashion Industry?

Despite the rise of ethical clothing brands, like Kitenge, there are unfortunately still many ethical issues in the fashion industry....

Who Made my Clothes Fashion Revolution Week
Ethical & Sustainable

Join The Fashion Revolution!

On 24 April 2013, an eight-storey building called Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1,138 people and injuring around 2,500...


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