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What MTM Clothing to Wear During Different Seasons?

What mtm clothing to wear in different seasons

What people wear varies throughout the year depending on the weather, temperature and different events including festivals, parties and holidays.

While made to measure clothing is known for quality that lasts and is great for a range of seasons, we are here to tell you which is the best mtm clothing for winter, summer, spring & autumn.

Beautiful MTM Clothing for Spring

Spring is a transitional season where the weather often changes from hot to cold without warning. This can make it difficult and challenging when deciding what to wear each day.

Kitenge’s custom-made three quarter sleeve shirts for women are perfect for the springtime come rain or shine, as they are half way between a short sleeve and long sleeve shirt.

You can determine what length you would like the sleeves to end and also how wide you would like the sleeve width to be. As you have complete control over the design process you can choose which features are most important to you.

For example, we recently made this loose fitting, made to measure shirt for a customer who chose to have longer and wider three quarter sleeves so that she could also wear the shirt comfortably during the intense Japanese summer heat.


Online made to measure shirts womens maroon flower three quarter sleeve shirt model wearing front view


A Kitenge made to measure, three quarter sleeve shirt designed by a customer in Japan with a mandarin collar and covered placket (hidden buttons)


Online made to measure shirts Women's maroon flower three quarter sleeve shirt model wearing mandarin collar closeup


A Mandarin collar


Online made to measure shirts covered placket hidden buttons closeup


A covered placket (hidden buttons)

Our made to measure long sleeve shirts, for men and women, are also a great choice for the spring as you can easily roll up the sleeves for a more casual look when the weather is warmer.


Customer wearing kitenge African print shirt with long sleeves rolled up at Womad festival


Customer wearing kitenge African print shirt with long sleeves rolled up African fashion trend 2020


Kitenge customers modelling their long sleeve shirts with rolled up sleeves

Don’t forget that you can also wear a short or long sleeve shirt underneath a jumper when the weather is cooler like our customer has demonstrated below.

I am so pleased that I went for a made-to-measure garment and for both this lovely blue-orange-pink flower print. The fabric is truly quality cotton, and the tailoring is perfection. The process in ordering could not have been more satisfying. After giving measurements through the site, Sian communicated the next day by email with some suggestions and questions. The fit is perfect. The shirt also arrived much sooner than I expected. Because it’s still winter here in Japan, I have only been able to wear the short-sleeved shirt under a sweater, and even with just that peek at the print, I have gotten compliments. I definitely plan on ordering from Kitenge again.
Mary, Japan


Women's custom tailored shirts pink orange flower model wearing front view

Women’s Custom Made to Measure Pink/Orange Flower Short Sleeve Shirt

Turn up the heat with Summer MTM clothing 

Kitenge’s range of vibrant made to measure clothing makes perfect summer wear! From chilling in the park to playing football on the beach our latest African fashion wear will help you make a style statement.

What’s also great about wearing wax prints is that they never go out of fashion. They are timeless classics, which means that you can wear them all summer long for many years to come!

Men’s Colourful Short Sleeve Shirts for Summer

Our colourful African shirts will keep you looking super stylish and fresh this summer! Definitely take our African print shirts on holiday with you, as the comfortable 100% cotton will keep you lovely and cool. We’ve got lots of fantastic, fun and fashionable prints to choose from!


Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new red yellow blue short sleeve African print shirt


Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new maroon flower short sleeve African print shirt


A Kitenge customer modelling his made to measure short sleeve shirts in Switzerland. Don’t they look great with a Panama hat for summer!

Vibrant Made to Measure Shorts

You can even design a matching outfit by wearing a pair of made to measure shorts with a short sleeve shirt in the exact same print. Absolute genius! This is such a fun look that will help you stand out in a crowd especially at music festivals as superbly demonstrated by one of our customers below. This is also a popular African fashion trend for 2020.


Men's red yellow African print short sleeved shirt and matching shorts kitenge customer wearing at womad festival uk 

Alternatively, simply wear your shorts with a plain coloured t-shirt or vest that matches the colours in the print. Like our trousers, you can decide how long you would like us to make your shorts so that you feel comfortable wearing them.


Men's African print made to measure shorts model wearing beach Tanzania


A Kitenge model wearing loose fitting African print board shorts in Tanzania

Autumnal African Print Clothing

As the season transitions from summer to autumn, you may prefer to choose prints with colours and designs that closely match the scenery. The autumn weather can be unpredictable at times but we have a range of garments that can easily be worn despite the weather.

First up is our hugely popular and flattering to wear African print pencil skirts. Our customers love them because they can easily be dressed up or down to suit the weather and occasion.

It is an easy way to brighten up an office on a dull, wet and cold morning. Style with a shirt or blouse tucked inside the waistband, with tights or leggings (if the temperature is cooler) and heels or flat shoes to match. You can even add a plain coloured cardigan as a layer over the top for added warmth.


A female model wearing a red African print skirt in a pencil style and a black African beaded necklace to match at the Fabric Africa Fashion Show in Bristol Museum UK


Kitenge founder Sian wearing African print pencil skirt with white shirt-and heals African fashion trend 2020


Next up are our African print trousers, which are also great to wear all year round, as they are extremely comfortable to wear. What’s great about made to measure is that you can choose the exact length you would like your trousers to be.

No more visiting your local seamstress to take up your trousers or rolling them up yourself. You will therefore, be more likely to wear them more often if they fit perfectly.

All our African print clothing is lovely handcrafted by our talented team of tailors in Tanzania using premium materials. All our colourful wax print fabrics are original, which means they are the highest quality and printed in Africa.

The high quality 100% cotton means that you will be kept warm when the weather is colder and kept cool when the weather is hotter. It’s a win win situation!

Kitenge trousers are a great staple to have in your wardrobe, as they are incredibly versatile and easy to wear with a plain coloured top, blouse, shirt or jumper. You can also dress them up with heels for a party or dress them down with trainers when catching up with friends at the weekend.


Women's brown made to measure trousers model wearing African fashion catwalk


Kitenge Store Founder Sian and her sister wearing African print trousers and top at Africa on The Square in Trafalgar Square London


Different footwear options for our custom-made African print trousers  

Be Winter Ready in MTM Clothing 

It may be cold outside but that definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t make a fashion statement in our bright and beautiful clothing! The worst thing about winter is not the cold but the dark and dull colours people choose to wear, such as black and grey, which is very depressing.

We have lots of unique prints that are colourful but use darker tones, which are easy to wear during the winter months. For example, our long sleeve shirt floral prints that comes in two different colourways:


Men's red/blue floral custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view


Men's green/blue floral custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view


“Fantastic. What else can I say. Fit is perfect, it is beautifully made with no loose threads, buttons held on well, button holes aligned and the right size and well made seems all perfectly aligned. The print is gorgeous, really brightens up a dull English winter.”


We feel that the red/blue shirt above has a rather festive feel to it. You can also tone the shirt colours down by wearing a plain coloured jumper or jacket over the top and even a scarf wrapped around your neck.

As previously mentioned, our trousers can be worn all year around so they are a great investment and sustainable fashion option for your wardrobe.

Many customers inform us that they wear their Kitenge trousers all the time because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. It’s difficult and feels wrong to wear a pair of skinny jeans after wearing a pair of our trousers. They can seriously transform your life!


Women's red/black/blue African print made to measure trousers model wearing front view


Women's blue green purple made to measure African print trousers model wearing front view


Of course, our pencil skirts can also easily be worn in the winter same as all the other seasons. We like to wear ours with a plain coloured jumper, thick tights or leggings and ankle boots in the winter. Simple changes to your accessories can completely transform an outfit from day to night and season-to-season. 

Explore Kitenge’s Range of African Print MTM Clothing

If you like what you see so far why not continue to explore Kitenge’s full range of gorgeous and one of a kind African print MTM clothing that is versatile for all seasons no matter what the weather looks like.

We currently have an amazing special offer. When you purchase your first custom-made shirt you can get another one for free! Simple design two made to measure shirts, with the same sleeve length and measurements, and add them to your basket. They can be two different prints or two of the same. Then use the coupon MTMFIRST to get 50% off!

Some of you may like to buy two shirts suitable for the summer or winter. If you would like to purchase a made to measure short sleeve shirt (or 3/4 sleeve shirt) and long sleeve shirt together then you can use the coupon code MTMFIRSTSPECIAL to get the cheapest shirt for free. Start designing your dream shirts today!

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