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Own the Office with These Bold Men’s African Print Shirts

Men's red/blue floral African print fabric custom-made shirts by Kitenge Store model wearing

Office attire can start to become very dull and repetitive as most people alternate between the same shirts each week. However, with Kitenge’s bold African print shirts for men, you can stand out and bring something fresh into the office. The office can easily become a boring place so why not stir things up and bring something new to the table? Wearing men’s colorful shirts is a great way to brighten everyone’s mood, especially on a cold, wet Monday morning.


Men's green/blue floral custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view

Kitenge’s Green Floral Long Sleeve Shirt

Why You Should Be Wearing Your African Print Shirts at Work

Stand out from the crowd 

It is far easier to choose the simple option and become extremely unoriginal when dressing for work. The same shirt styles are worn day in and day out usually in white, grey, and black colors. Why not bring something new to your office space, be different and stand out from everybody else?

Plain white boring office shirt

Brighten up your office space

Wearing African print shirts in the office will put smiles on your colleagues’ faces due to the beautiful colors and interesting patterns. You will make your colleagues feel happier so expect to receive compliments and questions about where you got such a great-looking shirt!

Many will admire your bold shirt and it could give your colleagues the confidence to start wearing more color to work themselves too! A happy office is the best and most proactive working environment as it benefits everyone. Kitenge shirts come in a range of different colors and print designs. Our unique selection of African wax print fabrics includes both bright and muted tones to suit different personalities and occasions.


Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new yellow pineapple long sleeve African print shirt  Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new brown floral long sleeve African print shirt

A Kitenge customer wearing his Yellow Pineapple Long Sleeve Shirt and Gold Floral Long Sleeve Shirt both with a mandarin collar and covered placket (hidden buttons)

Our high-quality, original, 100% cotton fabrics are produced and sourced in Africa, which supports small businesses and the declining textile industry. The fabric is extremely comfortable to wear and becomes even softer after each machine wash. The fabric will also keep you nice and cool when the weather is hot and warm when the temperature is cold. We sell ready-to-wear and made to measure shirts in both short and long-sleeve lengths.


Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new red yellow blue short sleeve African print shirt Kitenge made to measure custom made shirt customer from Switzerland wearing his new maroon flower short sleeve African print shirt

A Kitenge customer wearing his Yellow/Red/Blue Short Sleeve Shirt and Maroon Flower Short Sleeve Shirt  both with a classic collar, front placket, and side pocket

What is so great about our custom made shirts is that you can customize the different design features. Perhaps you would like to have a button-down collar, an adjustable cuff, with a covered placket (hidden buttons) and rounded pockets on both sides. You have complete control of the design process!

Introduce a new culture to your office fashion

Kitenge shirts are lovingly handcrafted by our team of talented tailors in Tanzania, East Africa. Each colorful shirt helps to empower our tailors to improve their livelihoods.

African menswear tailor making made to measure shirts by Kitenge Store Tanzania Men's green blue African print shirt long sleeves model wearing

One of Kitenge’s menswear tailors, Emile, making a made to measure shirt for a customer in the UK

The unusual print designs can be styled perfectly for the office with either everyday jeans or chinos for a casual look or smart trousers. They can be worn with or without a plain-colored tie, jumper, or blazer over the top. By wearing modern afrocentric clothing, handmade in Tanzania, you are bringing together two different cultures at the same time as having a positive effect on how your work colleagues perceive you in the office.  

Wearing Colourful Shirts May = Creative Ideas 

Did you know that wearing colorful clothing could translate into more creative and successful ideas, which can lead to pay rises and promotions benefitting your career? This is simply because we feel good when we wear color and we look more confident and imaginative. It makes us feel happier and improves our mood and energy levels. This is why wearing color to work, and creating your own unique style, is becoming increasingly popular.

African menswear model showing individual style

Jon Snow chooses to wear bold African menswear ties and brightly colored socks when he reads the news on Channel 4 to make a positive impact. It makes him stand out more and shows off his personality. Adding a splash of color to your outfit can even help you to get noticed when you go for a job interview. People always remember the ones who stand out!

Wearing color is definitely appropriate if you work in creative industries such as advertising, PR, graphic design, and journalism. If you work in a more formal environment such as insurance or finance, then you can easily add small touches of color to your outfit. Accessories, such as neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and suspenders are a great way to do this.

Add a Splash of Colour – Browse African Print Shirts for Men

So, there we have it. Wearing colorful clothing is not only a positive experience for the wearer but also for the people who see you wearing it. It could also help to increase your salary and career prospects. A win-win situation! If it makes you feel nervous then start off by slowly introducing some color to your outfits each week and gradually keep adding more until you start to feel comfortable.

Accessories are a great way to add small amounts of color to an outfit at a time. However, if you are ready to go bolder and add some color to your wardrobe then take a look at our unique men’s shirts and perhaps start designing your own dream shirt today!


Kitenge customers wearing their African style shirts at Victorious music festival 2017 in Portsmouth UK


We have some truly awesome ready-to-wear shirt prints with 20% off (use code: RTWSHIRTS20) so you can grab yourself a colorful bargain.  For those of you who would love to have the freedom of designing your own shirt head over to our men’s made to measure clothing collection and browse our range of one-of-a-kind prints.

There is currently an amazing special offer. When you buy your first made to measure shirt you can get another one for free! Simply add two made to measure shirts with the same sleeve length to your basket. They can be the same pattern or two completely different fabrics and you can also choose different custom design features for each shirt. Then enter the coupon MTMFIRST on the basket page to receive 50% off!


Men's made to measure shirts special offer


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