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When you visit the shops or shop online for clothing, do you ever find it difficult to find the perfect length for trousers or the correct fit across the shoulders for a shirt? Is it a pain when you have to return items to a shop or post them back in the mail costing you precious time and money?

What if you could measure your favourite fitting shirt or pair of trousers at home and get a custom-made replica created using unique, high-quality fabric with the design elements of your choice? It’s a wonderful feeling when you try on a perfect fitting garment for the first time. It not only looks great, as it flatters your individual body shape, but it feels very comfortable too.


Made to measure shirts perfect fit guarantee

Measure your best fitting shirt at home to ensure a perfect fit

We believe made to measure clothing is the future of a sustainable fashion industry as the high-quality fabrics, excellent craftsmanship, and perfect fit mean the garments are likely to be worn more often and for many years to come.

How our Perfect Fit Guarantee for Made to Measure Garments Works

Perfect fit guarantee mtm clothingIf you’re not 100% satisfied with the fit of your first made to measure garment (such as a shirt or pair of trousers) then you will be covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

In the unlikely event that your custom-made garment does not fit well then we will offer to pay for a local tailor to adjust the garment. If this is not possible then we’ll offer to re-make the garment and send it to you free of charge.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee service is unlikely to be needed if you follow our ‘How to Measure’ guides carefully when taking your measurements at home. If you have any questions about how to take your measurements correctly, please contact us before placing your order. We’re always happy to help.

The fit of your made to measure clothing order is really important to us, as you’ll be more likely to wear your Kitenge garments regularly for many years to come! We strongly believe that ‘loved clothes last’ and are proud to support the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know About Kitenge’s Perfect Fit Guarantee?

After trying on your first made to measure garment at home, please email us at to let us know your feedback and we’ll do everything we can to make it right if there is a problem.

If we feel that the garment can be altered, then we’ll ask if you can take it to your nearest local tailor or seamstress. Once they have altered the garment and you’re happy with the fit please pay and send us a photo of the sales receipt by email. We’ll then reimburse you for the full amount paid. Please note the amount we reimburse may vary slightly due to currency exchange rates.

Made to measure clothing alterations made by a tailor or seamstress

Made to measure clothing adjustments made by a tailor or seamstress

Alternatively, if we offer to re-make the garment from scratch then you will not need to return the made to measure garment that does not fit well to us. You can either donate it to charity, give it to a friend or relative as a gift or repurpose the fabric by using it to make something else.

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If you like the sound of designing your own made to measure shirts, for example, so you can stand out in a crowd and express your unique style and individual personality then why not take a look at Kitenge’s one of a kind collection.

Our beautiful, authentic African wax print fabrics are made in Africa, so your purchase will help to support cotton farmers, and the African textile industry as well as improve the livelihoods of our talented Tanzanian tailors and their families. We also offer stylish plain coloured shirts with optional African print fabric contrasts if you prefer a splash of colour.

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Kitenge African menswear tailor making African print shirt Tanzania

Kitenge tailor, Hassan, making a custom-made African print shirt by hand in Tanzania

The majority of our raw materials are locally sourced in Tanzania which reduces our carbon emissions. This also helps to support small independent businesses, communities and the Tanzanian economy. We believe in zero waste, our highly-skilled tailors take great care when cutting the fabrics by hand and we recycle all offcuts by turning them into fashionable accessories including bow ties and pocket squares.

Kitenge’s made to measure garments make great gifts too if you’re looking for an unusual present for a loved one with meaning and a story behind it. We currently have an amazing special offer. When you purchase your first made to measure shirt you can get another one for FREE (use code: MTMFIRST)!


Men's made to measure shirts special offer


Please get in touch if you have any questions about our colourful made to measure clothing. You might also be interested to take a look at our blog, which has lots of interesting articles about the benefits of made to measure vs off-the-peg clothing.



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