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Our bold and vibrant, ready-to-wear African print shirts are stylish, comfortable and fun to wear. They will certainly brighten up a dull wardrobe and make you look and feel fantastic! Perfect for staying in or going out. You can wear them casually such as on holiday or for social occasions such as parties, music festivals and even weddings! Our brightly coloured ankara fabrics will help you to get noticed and stand out in a crowd. There are also subtle prints in the collection if you prefer to blend in, which are equally unique and fabulous. These unique shirts are very easy to wear and look great with dark blue jeans or smart trousers to suit the occasion.

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Men’s Red/Blue African Print Long Sleeve Shirt

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Men’s Red/Yellow African Print Short Sleeve Shirt


Men’s Red/Blue African Print Short Sleeve Shirt


Men’s Red/Green African Print Long Sleeve Shirt


Men’s Red/Green African Print Short Sleeve Shirt



Our ready-to-wear African print shirts are handmade by tailors in Tanzania using locally sourced, high quality, 100% cotton original fabrics. African wax print fabric is commonly known as ‘Ankara’ in West Africa and ‘Kitenge’ or ‘Chitenge’ in East Africa.

Due to the nature of the fabric, which is nice and thick, the shirts will keep you either cool or warm depending on the climate. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear as the fabric softens after each wash.

All our shirts feature a useful side pocket and carefully sourced buttons that match the colours in the print. Our highly skilled tailors create the shirts from scratch with great care and attention to detail using the new sewing machines they have purchased using the profits made from our orders.

As every shirt is individually hand-cut and sewn inside our tailors’ own workshops, each is truly unique and one of a kind as the print placement varies! Our tailors are experts in pattern cutting and you will notice how they have cleverly matched the different parts of the print when sewing the garment together.

Once our kitenge prints have been personally selected at the market in Tanzania they are taken to a small, local laundry business where they are pre-washed before being distributed to our tailors. This ensures the fabric has been shrunk thoroughly before being made into garments so it stays the same size when washed in your machine at home. It also softens the fabric for the first time making it easier for our tailors to cut and sew.

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