Men's Shorts

Made to Measure Shorts for Men

Our men’s African print, made to measure shorts are easy to wear casually especially during the summer, on holiday, at music festivals, on the beach or in the garden! Popular with surfers alike, the bold and vibrant prints will make you stand out; look different and unique! Wear with a matching colourful shirt, flip-flops or trainers. You can customise the design features including handy side pockets, an elasticated waistband and drawstring tie. Go bolder and add some colour to your wardrobe!

Men's red/yellow African print custom-made shorts model wearing front view

Men’s Red/Yellow Shorts


Green and blue floral African wax print fabric design

Men’s Green Floral Shorts


Red and blue floral African print fabric design made in Nigeria West Africa

Men’s Red Floral Shorts


Gold and blue floral ankara fabric design

Men’s Gold Floral Shorts


Yellow and brown shells African print fabric pattern

Men’s Yellow/Brown Shorts


Yellow and cream shells ankara fabric design

Men’s Yellow/Cream Shorts


Red and green shells African wax print fabric pattern

Men’s Red/Green Shorts


Red and blue shells African print fabric pattern

Men’s Red/Blue Shorts


Yellow red and blue peacock African print fabric design

Men’s Yellow/Red/Blue Shorts


Yellow and white peacock ankara fabric printed in Nigeria West Africa

Men’s Yellow/White Shorts


Blue green and purple flower ankara fabric design

Men’s Blue/Green/Purple Shorts


Red black blue jigsaw African wax print fabric design

Men’s Red/Black/Blue Shorts


Custom Made African Print Shorts

As with all of our collections, our range of African print shorts are lovingly handmade by our team of talented tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, using locally sourced, 100% cotton, original fabrics that are comfortable yet stylish. The high quality, thick cotton material also produced in Africa is great for warm climates, as it will keep you nice and cool. They are machine washable so they are nice and easy to care for and the more you wash them the softer the material will become. As each pair of shorts are individually handmade each one is truly unique and one of a kind!

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