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Made to Measure African Print Shirts for Men

Kitenge’s made to measure African print shirts for men allow you to express your own individual style and personality by customising the design features. After choosing your favourite bold and vibrant, 100% cotton African wax print fabric and preferred sleeve length, you are able to select the: collar, cuff, placket and pocket style. The superior fit means that your shirt will look more stylish and sharper, as it will flatter your body shape.

You are likely to wear the shirt more often, as it will be very comfortable to wear and the ‘perfect fit’ will increase your confidence. These versatile custom-made shirts can easily be worn to both informal and formal events including parties, weddings, black tie events and even to the office or when working from home. They are also great for taking on holiday.

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Maroon flower ankara fabric design

Men’s Maroon Flower Short Sleeve Shirt


Men's green floral made to measure shirts UK

Men’s Green Floral Long Sleeve Shirt


Men's red floral African print shirt made to measure model wearing Tanzania

Men’s Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt


Yellow red and blue peacock African print fabric design

Men’s Yellow/Red/Blue Short Sleeve Shirt


Men's ready to wear red/blue African print long sleeve shirt front view of a model wearing with hands in jean pockets

Men’s Red/Blue Long Sleeve Shirt


Red and green shells African wax print fabric pattern

Men’s Red/Green Long Sleeve Shirt


Men's yellow cream ready to wear African wax print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view hands in pockets

Men’s Yellow/Cream Long Sleeve Shirt


Yellow pineapples ankara fabric food design

Men’s Yellow Pineapple Long Sleeve Shirt


Gold and blue floral ankara fabric design

Men’s Gold Floral Long Sleeve Shirt


Yellow and white peacock ankara fabric printed in Nigeria West Africa

Men’s Yellow/White Short Sleeve Shirt


Red and yellow ankara fabric design

Men’s Red/Yellow Short Sleeve Shirt


Men's yellow red blue flower African print shirt with short sleeves model wearing front view

Men’s Yellow/Blue Flower Short Sleeve Shirt


Colourful African Shirts – Expertly Handcrafted in Tanzania

Our men’s colourful shirts are made to last by our highly skilled tailors in Tanzania using the finest, original ankara fabric, printed and sourced from the African continent. Our talented Tanzanian tailors, who are expert pattern cutters, take great pride in making your unique made to measure shirts.

The order process is simple and fun, as you get the opportunity to be creative and be part of the design process. You can place your order from the comfort of your own sofa. All you need is a fabric tape measure and your favourite fitting shirt. We recommend that you follow our helpful ‘how to measure guides’ for long sleeve and short sleeve shirts.

You can easily make slight adjustments to some of the measurements. For example, you could make the length of the shirt longer compared to your favourite fitting shirt at home. Or perhaps you would like the collar measurement to be a bit wider for additional comfort.

Tip: We recommend that you create an account before you start designing your first made to measure shirt so that your measurements will be saved for future use (or reference). This is particularly useful if you would like to take advantage of our special offer, get another shirt for free with your first made to measure shirt purchase (use code: MTMFIRST).

As all our made to measure shirts are made to order, you will also be supporting the sustainable fashion movement. Browse all our made to measure African menswear including trousers and shorts.


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