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Made to Measure African Menswear

Add colour and style to your life by designing your own unique, made to measure African style clothing. Whether you want a vibrant African print shirt or a pair of versatile African print trousers that can be worn for any event, our range of African menswear can be tailored to suit you. Our range of men’s African print clothing is available in various colourful designs. Choose a print you like for your shirt, trousers or shorts then select options to customise your item. Provide your preferred measurements and our team of Tanzanian tailors will handcraft a perfect piece that’s designed to last and that is unique to you. Explore our range of African menswear below.

Gold and blue floral ankara fabric design

Men’s Gold Floral Shorts


Yellow and brown shells African print fabric pattern

Men’s Yellow/Brown Shorts


Yellow and cream shells ankara fabric design

Men’s Yellow/Cream Shorts


Red and green shells African wax print fabric pattern

Men’s Red/Green Shorts


Red and blue shells African print fabric pattern

Men’s Red/Blue Shorts


Yellow pineapples ankara fabric food design

Men’s Yellow Pineapple Bow Tie


Gold and blue floral ankara fabric design

Men’s Gold Floral Bow Tie


Red and blue floral African print fabric design made in Nigeria West Africa

Men’s Red Floral Bow Tie


Green and blue floral African wax print fabric design

Men’s Green Floral Bow Tie


yellow red blue original african wax print fabric design close up

Men’s Yellow/Red/Blue Shorts


Yellow and white African print ankara fabric close up

Men’s Yellow/White Shorts


blue purple green flower african wax print fabric design closeup

Men’s Blue/Green/Purple Shorts


Unique African Print Clothing for Men – Made to Measure

For the Perfect Fit

All our made to measure menswear is made out of high-quality African wax print fabric, designed to be comfortable and versatile to wear in both hot and cold climates. Take special care to wash correctly to ensure the beautiful quality lasts!

Our bespoke African menswear includes funky short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, African print trousers and shorts whilst we also have a range of accessories so you can really stand out from the crowd!

Brighten up your day by browsing our range of African styles in our African boutique online, create a piece that suits your own personality and that will fit you perfectly whatever the occasion!

For tips on how to style your new item, read our blog on Ways to Style your African Menswear.


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