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Made to Measure Women’s African Print Clothing

Kitenge’s range of versatile African print clothing for women offers something special and unique you won’t find anywhere else. From bright African print shirts to stylish African print trousers and shorts, our women’s clothing can be worn when relaxing or working from home, on holiday or to a party; the opportunities are endless.

Design an item to suit you perfectly with our unique made to measure process. Based on your measurements for the perfect fit, our range of high-quality African clothing is lovingly handcrafted in Tanzania and will last for years to come. Simply select the fabric pattern you like, customise the features and input your measurements. Our talented tailors will then carefully handcraft your item perfectly for you.

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Women’s Red/Black/Blue Shorts

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Women’s African Print Clothing

Our unique made to measure womenswear features African print shirts, African style pants and shorts ethically produced from start to finish. These items are perfect to stand out from the crowd and bring something new for any occasion. All our women’s African clothing is lovingly handmade by Kitenge’s highly skilled tailors using premium African wax print fabric that is locally sourced in Tanzania.

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Ordering Your Made to Measure Clothing

Learn how to take your measurements by reading our ‘made to measure guides’. To save you time, we can store measurement details for future orders, so you don’t have to measure again. Simply create your own account before placing your order.

If your first online made to measure clothing item doesn’t fit, we will pay for a local tailor to adjust it or send a new one for free.

Our Made to Measure Order Process is Simple:

  1. Select your chosen women’s African garment and choose the main body fabric.
  2. Get customising! Tell us what features you want added to the clothing.
  3. Enter the measurements of a shirt, pair of trousers or shorts that fit you well at home.
  4. Your purchase is complete and soon to be made! Our talented tailors in Tanzania will proceed to cut your chosen fabric and make your garment(s) by hand. Your order will be shipped by courier (DHL) as quickly as possible.

Upgrade to ‘fast track‘ shipping to jump to the front of the the production queue and guarantee faster delivery. ‘Fast track‘ shipping orders are made and shipped within 5 working days instead of between 1-2 weeks with ‘standard‘ shipping.

Ethical Women’s Clothing from Kitenge

We put sustainable fashion at the heart of our brand, our made to measure garments are cut to order and we limit the amount of ready-to-wear stock we have at one time to reduce waste. We also recycle all fabric offcuts after production and use them to make smaller products such as our made to order accessories. Any offcuts that we cannot use are donated to Tanzanian artisans who make small, intricate items such as jewellery.

When shopping with Kitenge you can rest assured your order is from an ethical source. We are proud to be playing our role in eliminating ‘fast fashion’ habits, whilst helping people like you receive stunning items of clothing in ways that reduce harm to the planet. Our African print clothing is locally made in Tanzania; every purchase from Kitenge helps to strengthen the Tanzanian textile industry, whilst also empowering our skilled tailors and improving the livelihoods of their families. Meet our team of tailors who put love and care into every item of clothing they make or find out a little bit more about Our Story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take my measurements correctly?

To take your measurements correctly, please carefully follow our ‘how to measure’ guides that have simple, step-by-step instructions including diagrams. Please measure a shirt, pair of trousers or shorts that fit you well at home by using a fabric tape measure.

Is the clothing sustainable?

Kitenge’s raw materials are locally sourced in Tanzania reducing our transport emissions and carbon footprint. Our African print fabric is 100% cotton, a natural fibre that’s biodegradable. The expert tailors that make our sustainable clothing carefully cut the fabrics to minimise waste, all fabric offcuts are recycled. MTM clothing is also made to order; we don’t carry stock which reduces waste. The durable garments fit perfectly.

Can the clothing items be washed normally?

Kitenge’s African print clothing can be washed normally by machine or hand. We recommend washing the garments in cold water (or 30 degrees) on a gentle machine setting with a small amount of mild washing powder. Line dry out of direct sunlight and iron on the cotton setting.

Are these real African Fabrics?

All our fabrics are real and authentic. Our high-quality fabrics have excellent colourfastness, so the garments look as good as new in years to come. We only source original fabrics made in Africa to support the textile industry; we never purchase imitation fabrics made in China.

Where are the items made?

All our garments and accessories are lovingly handmade by talented tailors in Tanzania, East Africa. Our social mission is to empower our tailors to improve their livelihoods by supporting their fine craftsmanship. We’re proud to be an ethical and sustainable fashion brand.

How are the items made?

Our made to measure garments are lovingly handmade by our talented Tanzanian tailors at their workshops. After receiving your order, we prepare the raw materials and take them to our tailors. After checking your measurements, our tailors make the garments from scratch using professional sewing machines. All garments are inspected before they are shipped worldwide by courier (DHL).

Is African fabric comfortable?

Our authentic African wax print fabric (made in Africa) is extremely comfortable. We receive lots of great feedback from our customers about how comfortable our African print clothing is to wear especially our shirts, trousers and shorts. The more you wash African print fabric the softer it becomes. The breathable fabric is 100% cotton which is a natural fibre.

How long do the items last?

Our made to measure garments are made to last. The high-quality authentic fabrics, made in Africa, have excellent colourfastness. We are often informed by our customers that their Kitenge garments still look as good as new many years later. They are made to fit your unique measurements perfectly, so you’ll be able to wear them regularly and for longer.


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