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Made to Measure Women’s African Print Clothing

From bright African print shirts to stylish African print pencil skirts, you can design an item of clothing your way with our unique made to measure process. If you are looking for something a bit different and colourful, our range of made to measure women’s clothing is the ideal choice. Based on your measurements for the perfect fit, our range of high-quality African clothing is lovingly handcrafted in Tanzania and will last for years to come.

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Green and blue floral African print ankara fabric close up

Women’s Green Floral Long Sleeve Shirt


Red and blue floral African print fabric design made in Nigeria West Africa

Women’s Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt


Made to Measure Women’s African Print Clothing

Our unique made to measure womenswear features African print shirts, African style trousers, shorts and beautiful pencil skirts.

Once you’ve selected what items of clothing you would like from our African fashion wear, choose custom design elements that reflect your own personality! Whether you want bold and colourful or slightly more understated, there are several options to choose from!

By choosing our made to measure clothing, you can design a garment that is suitable for casual or formal events including at the office, parties, festivals, holidays, weddings and more! We also sell a range of ready to wear African style womenswear including dresses and tops.

All our women’s African clothing is made using premium African wax print fabric that is sourced in Tanzania, East Africa. Every purchase from Kitenge will help to strengthen the Tanzanian textile industry, whilst also empowering our skilled tailors and improving the lives of their families.


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