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Women’s Made to Measure Pants

Made to measure pants and shorts are versatile African womenswear staples that can make your wardrobe that extra bit brighter. Our high-quality African bottoms incorporate a range of colours and patterns, from a vivid red/yellow combo to an earthy yellow and brown Ankara print.

Each item is lovingly handcrafted in Tanzania to your measurements. Our standard trousers and shorts designs await your personal touch, whether that’s practical side pockets or a drawstring tie to complement the elastic waistband. No two hand-cut items of clothing are ever the same so your made to measure pants will be like you – one of a kind.

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Women's blue green purple made to measure African print trousers model wearing front view

Women’s Blue/Green/Purple Trousers


Women's red black blue made to measure shorts model wearing front view

Women’s Red/Black/Blue Shorts


Women's custom made to measure yellow cream African print trousers model wearing front view

Women’s Yellow/Cream Trousers


Green and blue floral African wax print fabric design

Women’s Green Floral Shorts


Red and blue floral African print fabric design made in Nigeria West Africa

Women’s Red Floral Shorts


Gold and blue floral ankara fabric design

Women’s Gold Floral Shorts


Yellow and brown shells African print fabric pattern

Women’s Yellow/Brown Shorts


Red and green shells African wax print fabric pattern

Women’s Red/Green Shorts


Red and blue shells African print fabric pattern

Women’s Red/Blue Shorts


Yellow and cream shells ankara fabric design

Women’s Yellow/Cream Shorts


Women's custom made to measure yellow red blue African print shorts model wearing front view hands in pockets

Women’s Yellow/Red/Blue Shorts


Yellow and white peacock ankara fabric printed in Nigeria West Africa

Women’s Yellow/White Shorts


Handmade in Tanzania

Our team of highly skilled Tanzanian tailors individually craft each piece of African womenswear and design it to your requirements. They work in their own workshops and use raw materials sourced from the market and local suppliers. Each time you place an order for women’s made to measure pants, you’re investing in Africa’s textile industry and contributing to the growth of the tailors’ businesses. Every single fabric offcut is recycled, donated to the community or used to make accessories. We offer worldwide delivery direct from Tanzania.

We pre-wash our fabric before crafting your garment to ensure it is shrink-proof for future machine washes. The high-quality cotton is colourfast and durable, making it an excellent long-term investment compared to cheap ready-to-wear clothing. It’s a good thing you’ll have them for years since they can be worn for all occasions, from the office to casual catch-ups with friends.

The elastic waistband makes made to measure shorts perfect for wearing over a bikini while you’re relaxing poolside or at the beach. If you’re tired of carrying a handbag with you, don’t forget to custom design your MTM pants and shorts to have deep pockets for your phone, keys and other essential items. African print made to measure pants and shorts are a truly versatile addition to your wardrobe and will look great dressed down with trainers or flip-flops. Just add heels for a touch of glamour.

Browse our selection of vibrant patterns to design made to measure pants that make an impression.


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