Pocket Squares


Did you know, pocket squares are one of the most common accessories used by men. They can add a touch of colour or jazz up a plain outfit by simply inserting into your suit or blazer pocket. Made using the finest ankara fabric, Kitenge have a selection of eye-catching pocket squares that promise to add a distinctive finishing touch to your outfit, that won’t break the bank either. For extra impact, why not go all out by matching your pocket square with an African print necktie in the same colourful cotton fabric.

Browse Colourful Pocket Square Accessories below.

Red and blue shells African print fabric pattern

Men’s Red/Blue Pocket Square


Yellow and brown shells African print fabric pattern

Men’s Yellow/Brown Pocket Square


Yellow and cream shells ankara fabric design

Men’s Yellow/Cream Pocket Square


Red and green shells African wax print fabric pattern

Men’s Red/Green Pocket Square


Yellow pineapple authentic African wax print fabric

Men’s Yellow Pineapple Pocket Square


Gold and blue floral ankara fabric design

Men’s Gold Floral Pocket Square


Red and blue floral African print fabric design made in Nigeria West Africa

Men’s Red Floral Pocket Square


Green and blue floral African wax print fabric design

Men’s Green Floral Pocket Square


Red and yellow ankara fabric design

Men’s Red/Yellow Pocket Square


Yellow and white peacock ankara fabric printed in Nigeria West Africa

Men’s Yellow/White Pocket Square


Yellow red and blue peacock African print fabric design

Men’s Yellow/Red/Blue Pocket Square


Fashionable Pocket Squares for Men – Handmade in Tanzania

Vibrant pocket squares are great for adding interest to a dull or plain coloured suit. Have fun experimenting with the different ways to fold and display the pocket square in your jacket pocket.

Kitenge’s brightly coloured pocket squares for men are handcrafted by a team of talented Tanzanian tailors using leftover fabric offcuts. This eco-friendly approach reduces waste by preventing fabric offcuts from ending up in landfill. By purchasing a pocket square today, you could make a difference to not only the lives of our tailors but also the planet!

If you’re looking to get noticed and rock a unique, colourful look then your very own African print pocket square could be the answer. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual function, these accessories are highly versatile.

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