Men’s Yellow/Cream Long Sleeve Shirt


  • Made to measure
  • Customize your design
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Authentic African wax print fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Excellent colorfastness
  • Ships within 1-2 weeks (standard)
  • Ships within 5 working days (fast track)
  • Worldwide shipping from Tanzania
  • Shipped by courier (DHL)

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Product Description

If you wear a men’s colourful shirt in a warm yellow tones then it symbolises intelligence, inspiration and youth. It can also make you feel instantly happier! Find out more about what the colour of your shirt says about you. This one of a kind custom made shirt can easily be worn to social events and on holiday to either hot or cool climates because the premium ankara fabric is 100% cotton. Pair this shirt with comfy matching trousers or shorts from our range of African menswear. Look after your perfectly fitting shirt; lovingly handmade by tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, by following these care instructions. Design your first made to measure shirt and get another one for free with our special offer (use code MTMFIRST)!



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