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Styling your African Menswear – Kitenge’s Style Tips

Kitenge customers modelling their African print shirts uk music festival

Have you ever considered trying a new style that you have perhaps never tried before? Would you like to create your own unique, personal look so that you stand out from everybody else? African menswear can be styled in so many different ways. It is incredibly versatile even though you might not think it. Anyone can wear men’s African print clothing to add some fun and joy to their lives (and wardrobes).

From subtle outfits that can easily be worn to the office to bold head-turning outfits that can be worn to events such as music festivals and parties, there is an African style that suits many different occasions. However you choose to wear your African menswear, just know that it will help put smiles on people’s faces as colourful clothes make you and everyone around you feel instantly happier.

In this blog, we have listed all the best ways to style your African menswear. Discover an incredible look that best suits you!

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Best Ways to Style Your African Menswear

1. Smart Casual African Print Shirt & Jeans

African print shirts for men look fantastic paired with plain coloured jeans in white, black or blue depending on the colours in the African wax print fabric that you would like to match as well as the occasion.

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Your one-of-a-kind outfit can be dressed up or down to suit any event. Here are some great examples of how you can wear African-style shirts with plain-coloured trousers in both bright and muted tones:


 Kitenge customer wearing his made to measure shirt for special occasion in USA Men's yellow leaf African print long sleeve shirt customer wearing at Africa Oye Festival in Liverpool UK

Photo credit (left): 3ilan photography

Wearing brightly coloured trousers to complement the shirt’s print works really well if you want to stand out from the crowd and bring something different to the table. Why not pick out the accent colour in the shirt and wear it with a matching pair of plain trousers?

Even chinos go well with men’s colourful shirts. You could even wear this type of outfit to work and bring colour and cheer to the office (especially on a cold, rainy day) to lift people’s moods. Did you know that wearing colourful clothing can also help further your career by inspiring more creative ideas that can lead to promotions and pay rises?

2. Pair Your African Print Bottoms with a Casual T-Shirt

Men’s African print trousers (and shorts) look best when worn with a plain-coloured top in white, black or a suitable colour to match the Ankara fabric. If you wear a plain coloured t-shirt on top it helps to emphasise the intricate African print patterns to make sure they really stand out!

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This simple style can easily be worn for any casual occasion, be that a shopping trip, watching football, a family gathering or meeting your friends down at the pub!


Men's African print trousers and plain white t-shirt outfit model wearing Tanzania


This stylish look brings something different by adding a bit of colour but not too bold, just a subtle hint of individuality.

3. African Suit & Tie Style

Whether it be a wedding, a work-do or a special occasion, African print shirts for men bring a style like no other. Another option is to wear a long sleeve shirt with a black suit and smart shoes. You can either wear the shirt as it is with the top button open for a more casual look (see example below) or add a plain coloured necktie (e.g. black) to match the colours in the African print.


 Kitenge customer wearing their men's African print shirt at work event with black suit jacket and trousers Kitenge customer wearing their african print shirt to black tie charity fundraising ball at The Dorchester hotel in London UK


If you are going to a special and formal event, such as a charity fundraising ball, you can wear the shirt with a black bow tie instead of a necktie like one of Kitenge’s customers above at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

You can even add a plain-coloured sweater over the top of the shirt if you don’t want to show too much colour. By making simple changes to your outfit, you can wear an African print shirt to many different places from the office to black tie events! These shirts can be easily dressed up or down to ‘suit’ any need.

The same option applies to African print trousers if you wear a plain coloured shirt to match the colours in the print. You could wear a short sleeve shirt for a casual look or a long sleeve shirt for smarter occasions. The type of shoes you wear can also help to instantly transform an outfit.

4. Go Bold with All Over African Style

Last but not least is the ultimate African menswear outfit. If you are feeling bold enough and want to stand out from everyone else then this is definitely the look for you! You can wear a matching African print shirt and bottoms combination at the same time. This colourful all-in-one look is increasingly popular for those who really want to go all out and look totally unique. It’s actually more versatile than you think and can be worn wherever and whenever you like. Be prepared to receive lots of compliments! Here is some style inspiration from some of Kitenge’s customers…


  Men's red yellow African print short sleeved shirt and matching shorts kitenge customer wearing at womad festival uk

Browse Kitenge’s African Menswear

Kitenge has a fantastic collection of African menswear including short and long sleeve shirts, trousers and shorts that can all be made to measure to fit you perfectly.

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All made to measure garments can be designed from scratch on Kitenge’s African boutique online. For example, for men’s custom made shirts you can choose your preferred collar, cuff, placket, pocket, and hem style. In order to fit you perfectly, you just need to measure a shirt, pair of trousers or shorts that fit you well at home by following Kitenge’s simple how-to-measure guides. Once your order has been received, Kitenge’s talented team of highly skilled tailors will start making your dream garment by hand in Tanzania, East Africa, by using the finest materials that are all locally sourced.

An added bonus of purchasing custom clothing from Kitenge is that because they are an ethical clothing brand and social enterprise, your order will help contribute to improving the livelihoods of their tailors and families. Kitenge’s range of premium, 100% cotton, African wax print fabrics come in a range of different colours and patterns that you can choose from.

Each unique print tells a story and suits a different personality. From the popular green, red and gold floral long-sleeve shirt prints, to quirky yellow pineapple trousers and funky multi-coloured shorts, there are both muted and bright tones available depending on your preferred style. You can currently take advantage of Kitenge’s amazing special offer. When you purchase your first made to measure shirt, you can get another one for FREE (save up to £69)!


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Check out what Kitenge’s valued customers have to say about their online made to measure tailoring service. If you have any questions you can visit their FAQ’s page and contact them directly. If you already own one of Kitenge’s fabulous garments please tag or mention @KitengeStore on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #KitengeGarms if you share photos of your unique outfits online. 🙂

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