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Summer African Print Style Ideas for Females

Kitenge model wearing an African print skirt made from kanga cloth

There are so many benefits of wearing women’s African print clothing. First of all, African styles are incredibly versatile, as they can easily be dressed up or down to suit the occasion and season.

This means that you’ll certainly get your monies worth, as you’re more likely to wear your treasured African wax print clothing more often. Due to the colourful and bold African wax print fabric patterns, the designs can bring sunshine to your life and help you to stand out from the crowd.

The beautiful fabric allows you to create your own unique and individual style, as original kitenge fabric and clothing designs are not commonly found on the high street (only imitations).

Enjoy experimenting with colour, as African print clothing is fun to wear! The vibrant cloth makes you and others around you feel instantly happier and can boost your mood especially when you receive lots of compliments!

The nature of the 100% cotton material means that you will feel cooler and more comfortable in hot weather too. It’s really easy to care for your African print clothing, as the fabric washes well in the machine, it retains its colour and becomes softer after each wash.

Continue reading to discover our top African womenswear styling tips!

African Womenswear Style Ideas

African print clothing can be styled in more ways than you might think and you can particularly experiment and have fun with it during the summer months. Here are some great styling ideas, which show simple ways of fusing your African print clothing with your existing wardrobe.

1) Colourful African Shirts Look Great with Jeans

What’s so great about African print shirts is how well they go with jeans. For a casual look, you can easily wear your ankara fabric shirt with jeans in any shade of blue. For smarter occasions, you could wear a pair of black jeans or jeggings.

During the summer, you might prefer to wear short or 3/4 sleeve shirts or even a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual look.

With Kitenge’s made to measure women’s shirts, you can choose which sleeve length you prefer as well as customise the different design elements (including the collar, cuff, placket, pocket and hem style) for a truly personalised look!


Women's custom tailored shirts pink orange flower model wearing front view


Kitenge Women’s Made to Measure Pink/Orange Flower Short Sleeve Shirt example


Online made to measure shirts womens maroon flower three quarter sleeve shirt model wearing front view


Kitenge Women’s Made to Measure Maroon Flower 3/4 Sleeve Shirt example


Model wearing women's red/blue floral made to measure shirt by Kitenge sleeves rolled up


Kitenge Women’s Made to Measure Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt with the sleeves rolled up (credit: Ana Paula)

2) Style African Print Trousers or Shorts with A Casual T-shirt & Trainers 

Wear a pair of ready-to-wear or custom-made African print trousers or shorts in your desired length with a plain coloured, casual t-shirt or singlet to match the colours in the kitenge motif.

Colourful trousers and shorts are your go-to garments for the summer, as they are so comfortable and easy to wear especially with a pair of sandals or trainers. They make great loungewear too, which is perfect if you’re still working from home.


Unisex brown African print trousers model wearing


Kitenge Women’s Made to Measure Yellow/Brown African Print Trousers (credit: Ana Paula)


Women's brown/yellow African print trousers model wearing


Kitenge Women’s Made to Measure Yellow/Brown Trousers (credit: Ana Paula)

3) Wear an African Print Skirt with a Plain Coloured Top Tucked Inside

African print skirts are so easy to dress up or down to suit the occasion with simple changes to your accessories, legwear and shoes.

You could easily wear a fit ‘n’ flare skirt casually in the daytime bare-legged with sandals and then in the evening put on a pair of black leggings and a cardigan, jumper or hoodie with some trainers when the temperature cools down.

Kitenge’s fit ‘n’ flare skirts look great with a fitted, plain coloured top tucked inside the waistband that matches the colours in the kitenge print.

A plain black fitted top is always a safe option, as it goes with any colour. With a Kitenge ready-to-wear or custom-made African print pencil skirt, you can experiment with different fitted blouses and shirts too.


kitenge store customer modelling her red/green african print skirt at AfroFest in Bristol UK


A Kitenge customer modelling her  Red/Green Fit ‘n’ Flare Skirt at a music festival in the UK


Women's blue purple made to measure skirt pencil style with slit model wearing


Kitenge Women’s Made to Measure Blue/Green/Purple Pencil Skirt (credit: Laura Joy Photography)


Women's black diamond African print pencil skirt customer modelling at Africa Oye Festival in Liverpool UK


A Kitenge pencil skirt with a plain coloured shirt tied in a bow


Women's red/blue jigsaw African print pencil skirt model wearing front view


Kitenge Women’s Made to Measure Red/Black/Blue Pencil Skirt with a blouse tucked inside the waistband

4) Dress African Print Dresses Up or Down with Simple Changes to Your Outfit

Kitenge’s stylish African print dresses are fun to wear and can also be worn to different places with simple changes to your outfit.

From the type of shoes, jewellery, bag and legwear you choose to wear as well as a matching cardigan or jacket. It’s really that simple to alter your outfit to suit the occasion come day or night.

Wear casually with sandals, flat pumps or trainers and dress up with heels or wedges. These dresses look great with bold statement jewellery such as Kitenge’s African beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Wear with your usual handbag or rucksack in the daytime and dress up with a smarter clutch bag or purse in the evening. Leggings are a great casual look but you can also go barelegged or wear tights.


Kitenge Store founder Sian wearing teal African print dress fit and flare style at Looe Music Festival on the beach in Cornwall UK


Kitenge Founder, Sian, wearing an African print dress with casual leggings and sandals


Kitenge Founder Sian wearing blue ankara dress with brown high heel sandals at AfroFest 2019 in Bristol


Kitenge Founder, Sian, wearing an African print dress barelegged with heels

Some of the latest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2022 can easily be created with female African styles:

1) Wear Strappy Heels Around the Ankles of Your Trousers

This is an easy look to do yourself if you have some spare strappy heels at home. The longer the straps wrap around your ankle the better.

Simply tie the straps around your ankle on the outside of your African print trousers. You can also do the same with a pair of jeans, chinos or cigarette pants and wear an African print top, blouse or shirt to match the colour of the trousers instead.

2) Wear Chunky Ankle Boots with Feminine Dresses

Another really easy look to pull off if you have a pair of chunky ankle boots at home. They look great when worn with Kitenge’s Fit ‘n’ Flare Dresses or even floaty maxi-length dresses. This is also a great trend that can easily transition from summer into autumn and winter.


Kitenge African print clothing stall at Africa on The Square in Trafalgar Square London UK


3) Bucket Hats

Pastel-coloured bucket hats are in but why not wear an African wax print version instead to stand out and get noticed for your individual style! Not only will these hats help to protect you from the sun but you can also wear them with nearly anything especially if you find an ankara fabric with muted and soft colour tones.

4) Matching Printed Tops & Bottoms

This trend works perfectly with African styles and is always a popular, bold statement look. Wear a matching pair of trousers (or shorts) with a t-shirt, shirt or blouse in the same African print pattern for an all-in-one look!


Matching Kitenge 2 piece set African print top and shorts combination customer wearing at Lamer Tree music festival UK


A Kitenge customer modelling her matching African print clothing 2 piece set

Kitenge’s made to measure clothes are great for this, as our highly-skilled tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, can easily make a perfect fitting shirt and pair of trousers or shorts in the same matching African print fabric for you!

All we require are the measurements of a shirt and pair of trousers (or shorts) that fit you well at home by following our simple ‘how to measure’ guides.

Gorgeous Clothing for Every Situation

As we’ve previously mentioned, African print styles are extremely versatile with character and liveliness to match sunny weather and high spirits! There are many different occasions when it’s perfect to wear African print clothing during the summer. Find out how to style your African print clothing accordingly.

Outdoor Social Gatherings 

It’s great to be able to socialise outdoors with friends and family this summer including BBQs in your garden, picnics in the park, music festivals and pub garden drinks.

Make the most of nature and the great outdoors whilst the weather is warm. Spending time outdoors surrounded by nature has lots of benefits for your health and general wellbeing. A fun time can be had outdoors with stunning African print styles.


Kitenge customer modelling their African print dress outside at home


Women's multicoloured African print dress Kitenge customer wearing outside


Kitenge customers wearing their ankara dresses at home

In the Office 

For those who have returned to working in the office, brighten up each working day with colourful African print styles such as our Yellow African Print Pencil Skirt, which can be worn with a plain coloured top, blouse or shirt tucked inside the waistband.


Yellow African print pencil skirt model wearing in Tanzania


Kitenge Women’s Ready-to-Wear Yellow Pencil Skirt


Kitenge customer modelling her ankara dress at the office


A happy customer wearing her Kitenge sleeveless dress to the office in the UK

A brightly coloured made to measure short, 3/4 or long sleeve shirt will also boost your mood when returning back to the office and will help put a smile on your colleagues’ faces! You could wear a custom-made African print shirt with smart black trousers or coloured chinos to match the colours in the print. You can also easily wear these comfortable shirts when working from home.

Romantic Dinner Date

A feminine dress, such as our trendy Yellow Fit ‘N’ Flare Dress makes a cute date outfit perfect for the warm, long summer evenings. It can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you feel is most appropriate. Wear with bold statement jewellery such as our Black African Beaded Twist Necklace and a clutch bag.


Kitenge customer modelling her yellow African print dress outside in London UK


A happy Kitenge customer wearing her Ready-to-Wear Yellow Fit ‘N’ Flare Dress in London, UK

Walk in the Sun

Kitenge’s Yellow/Brown African Print Trousers are a dream to walk in from sunrise to sunset, as they are extremely comfortable to wear. They will look great when going for a casual walk or when walking the dog.

The 100% cotton keeps you nice and cool so you don’t need to worry if the temperature is too hot when out walking. These stylish trousers can be worn all year long even if the cheerful fabric is bold and vibrant.


Women's brown made to measure trousers model wearing African fashion catwalk


Kitenge Women’s Yellow/Brown African Print Trousers can be custom-made for the perfect length!

Kitenge’s Summery African Print Styles for Women

Which outfits would you like to wear out of the African print styles and summer fashion trends mentioned above? Do you have a particular occasion in mind that would be a suitable place to wear one of these colourful garments?

Perhaps you would like something comfortable to wear while staying in and working from home or an outfit to wear to meet your friends for a drink. You could dress up for a special meal with your partner or a picnic with friends in a scenic spot perhaps to celebrate a birthday.

Do you have any other items in your wardrobe that would pair well with an African print clothing style or any suitable accessories that would match well? 

While you’re here why not explore Kitenge’s range of African Print garments perfect to style during the summer season:https://kitengestore.com/product-category/made-to-measure-womens-african-clothing/.

You can also grab a bargain in our ready-to-wear sale! For more inspiration and styling tips for our popular African skirts, explore our blog:https://kitengestore.com/5-ways-style-made-measure-skirt/. You can also learn more about African clothing trends and discover our six simple style tips for African print dresses!

You might also like to explore our blog about Summer African Fashion for Men.

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