September 17, 2017 - Behind The Scenes

Video : Meet Hassan, Kitenge’s newest tailor!

Sian and Hassan shaking hands outside Kitenge's main tailor's new workshop in Tanzania

You may have already learnt about our main tailor Abdallah so we thought it was time to introduce you to one of his new recruits called Hassan who we first met at the shared workshop they both worked at in 2015.

The shared workshop was very small, cramped and very hot to work in as there was little ventilation. Sian soon learnt that for each item they made in the workshop half of the money went direct to the owner and the rest was equally divided between all the other tailors. She thought this was unfair and it was the main reason holding them back as they both deserved to be running their own businesses.

Hassan is now a proud owner of a workshop in Arusha (a city in the north of Tanzania), which he impressively built from scratch. He decided to move back to Arusha to work in his own workshop after leaving the shared workshop in Dar es Salaam at the same time as Abdallah.

As well as running his own tailoring business he also works for Abdallah when he needs more help during busy periods at his new workshop in Dar es Salaam, which he opened using the profits made from our orders in May 2016.


Kitenge's newest tailor called Hassan making a men's shirt in the workshop in Tanzania


Hassan working at Abdallah’s new workshop on our latest collection

Abdallah and Hassan have known each other for many years. Abdallah first taught Hassan how to sew when they lived in Arusha together (a city in the north of Tanzania). Their families know each other well and if Hassan visits Dar es Salaam he usually stays at Abdallah’s family home, which is conveniently just across the street from his new workshop.


Kitenge founder Sian Wells with tailors at their new workshop in Tanzania


From left to right: Hassan, Sian and Abdallah at his new workshop in Tanzania (March 2017)

Watch the below interview with Hassan earlier this year when he was working in Abdallah’s new workshop…



Hassan helped Abdallah to make our latest ankara styles earlier this year including our men’s shirts, unisex trousers, women’s skirts and our brand new African print kids clothing collection. They did a tremendous job and we have received a lot of positive feedback to share with them during music festivals this summer from happy customers.

As you can tell from the video Hassan is a very accomplished tailor as he can make any style. He was taught by the best! Browse the look book of our latest African print fashion, all handmade by Hassan and Abdallah in Tanzania using locally sourced materials.

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