August 8, 2017 - Behind The Scenes

Watch an Interview with Abdallah, Kitenge’s Master Tailor!

Sian shaking hands with Kitenge's main tailor Abdallah at his new workshop in Tanzania

When Abdallah, Kitenge’s master tailor, opened his own workshop for the first time in May 2016, using the profits made from our orders, we just had to share his journey with you!

Kitenge’s founder Sian felt overwhelmingly proud when she visited Abdallah’s new workshop for the first time a few months after it had opened. He is now where he deserves to be, running his own business, and all his hard work and determination has paid off. We asked Abdallah if we could interview him to mark the occasion.



The extra sewing machines he has managed to purchase are tucked away around the outside of his workshop floor ready for expansion. Although the workshop is small it is perfect for his current needs and there is enough space for 3 tailors to work comfortably together.

Abdallah has hired his previous trainees Hassan and Mrisho to work with him on Kitenge’s orders and during busy periods such as wedding season to help increase productivity. They now have the capacity to make larger volumes of their vibrant African print clothing including all our women’s skirts, tops, unisex trousers, shorts and our new children’s collection.


Kitenge Store Master Tailor hand cutting fabric to make an African print shirt in Tanzania


Abdallah is a very experienced pattern cutter so once he has cut the different parts of the garment by hand he passes them on to Hassan and Mrisho to construct and sew together. When Abdallah isn’t pattern cutting he also helps to sew.

It’s a complex process as there are many different sizes and prints but their organisation, communication and teamwork is fantastic. It’s a pleasure to sit and watch them sew and to see the products coming to life!

Abdallah plans to move to a larger workshop further into town as soon as possible so he can hire more tailors and utilise all of his new machines. We are excited to watch his business grow. Watch this space! And in the meantime, why not have a look at Abdallah, Hassan & Mrisho’s work in our African boutique online!

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