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What the Colour of Your Shirt Says About You

Men's colourful shirts on hangers

Did you know that colours have many different meanings and represent different cultures, which particularly applies to clothing? The colours that you choose to wear can affect your mood, behaviour, productivity, stress levels and the way others perceive you. Your personal opinion about colour depends on your individual personality and usually if you are either an introvert or extrovert. Some people may have a lot of thought about what colour clothes they choose to wear whilst others may not give any thought at all.

Some people may choose to wear certain colours depending on their current mood or they might choose a colour based on the mood they want to achieve. It is a known fact that certain colours create the same impressions for many different people. With a large variety of coloured shirts to choose from, people may choose shirts by what they like, what matches their personality, where they may be worn or what they are planning to wear the shirt with.

This blog will look at what the colour of your shirt really says about you in addition to what other factors may affect the colour of the shirt you may wear!

The Meaning Behind Different Colours 

Here we explain what different coloured shirts represent in terms of personality and mood so you can get a good idea of how you might be perceived by others in different social situations.

Blue Shirts

Blue is the most stable colour and conveys loyalty, stability, tranquillity, truth and wisdom. It is a peaceful and calming colour that helps you feel relaxed and at ease. It can also make you feel more creative and can even lower your heart rate! It is one of the best colours to wear to the office especially if there is a lot of drama or if you are working under pressure as it helps to reduce tension.

Red Shirts

Red is strongly associated with romance, passion, and aggression, and can be very intense. It is empowering and draws people’s attention so you can get noticed. It is a great shirt colour to wear on a first date but not to the office as it can be seen as hostile. The colour red is also known for making you feel hungry and for increasing your blood pressure.


Men's red/blue floral custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view

Kitenge’s Red Floral Long Sleeve Shirt is perfect for a dinner date

Yellow Shirts

The colour yellow denotes intelligence, inspiration, optimism and youth. It is proven that yellow makes you feel more cheerful, joyful and instantly happier. However, it is one of the worst shirt colours to wear to work, as it is perceived as unstable and too overpowering for the office so it can actually make you look weaker.

Men's yellow leaf African print long sleeve shirt customer wearing at Africa Oye Festival in Liverpool UK

Kitenge’s Yellow African Print Long Sleeve Shirt is great for music festivals

Green Shirts

If you decide to wear a green shirt then your mood can convey a sense of healing, success and hope. Green is a very calm and soothing colour because it is associated with nature and the outdoor environment. It’s also very refreshing, and relaxing and can help to reduce stress and anxiety when looked at.


Men's green floral custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing sat down working on laptop side view

Kitenge’s Green Floral Long Sleeve Shirt is great office attire if you work in a creative environment

Green is one of the best shirt colours to wear to the office, as it is associated with safety and money. It is the best colour to look at, as it is restful on the eyes so gives you less eyestrain. Therefore, this colour is great for people who work at a desk in front of a computer screen all day.

Purple Shirts

Purple-coloured shirts convey royalty, spirituality, luxury, sophistication and creativity. This colour also helps you to make decisions more easily and is very stimulating (like the colour red). It is the colour of magic and it can help to boost your energy levels when you see somebody wearing it. Although, the colour is also perceived as being artificial as it is not commonly seen in nature. It is, therefore, best to wear this colour in moderation. For example, you could wear a purple tie with a plain white shirt, a purple pocket square with a black suit jacket or purple socks with black shoes.

Pink Shirts

Like the colour red, pink is also associated with romance so it is a good shirt colour choice to wear on a date. Pink-coloured shirts also convey happiness and calmness when looked at so it is a good colour to wear if you would like to boost your mood.

Brown Shirts

Brown is a natural, masculine colour that denotes stability and reliability. It is, therefore, one of the best shirt colours to wear to the office.


Men's brown/blue custom-made African print long sleeve shirt model wearing front view

Kitenge’s Brown/Blue Long Sleeve Shirt could also be worn to the office

Grey Shirts

The colour grey is neutral, practical and quiet and is one of the worst shirt colours to wear to the office as it can show colleagues that you lack energy, are passive and prefer not to be involved. If grey is your go-to shirt colour then you should wear a brighter colour with it such as a blue tie, so that it does not give people such a negative perception.

White Shirts

Men's plain white custom-made to measure short sleeve shirt model wearing working in office

The colour white denotes cleanliness, purity, innocence, peace, simplicity and perfection. Men commonly wear plain white shirts, as they are a safe and easy choice but if you wear too much white it can make you look timid. It is best to wear white when you would like any other colours you are wearing to stand out.

Black Shirts


Men's plain black custom-made long sleeve shirt with optional African print fabric contrasts model wearing front view stood in front of work desk

Kitenge’s Black Long Sleeve Shirt with optional African print fabric contrasts

Black shirts can convey feelings of power, mystery, seriousness, authority and responsibility. This colour can also make you look slimmer! It is one of the best shirt colours to wear to work as it denotes professionalism so your colleagues will take you more seriously. At the office, a black shirt goes well with a blue or green tie.

Different Coloured Shirts for Different Events 

Many factors can influence the colour of clothing you wear with the type of occasion being one of them. Your choice of shirt for a dinner date may differ compared to a work event, the office, a special event or a music festival.

Kitenge customer modelling his African print shirts for men in the US Kitenge customer wearing one of his men's colourful shirts at home in Switzerland 

Kitenge customers wearing their made to measure shirts in the US and Switzerland

Different events can influence what colours you choose to wear depending on your current mood or what mood you feel is suitable for the occasion. 

Seasonal Changes Affecting Clothing Choices 

As seasons change so do our clothing and colour choices. For example, in the UK it is common to wear dark colours in the colder months and bright colours during warmer months. When it is cold and wet outside then there is an even greater need and reason to wear colour as it will make you and others around you feel happier! Do not let what others are wearing put you off as they will surely appreciate your effort.


Kitenge customer wearing their men's African print shirt at work event with black suit jacket and trousers

A Kitenge customer wearing his Green Floral Long Sleeve Shirt to a Christmas party

If you do not feel confident wearing lots of color then add simple and subtle splashes of color to your outfits such as neckties, bow ties, braces, pocket squares, waistcoats, sweaters, blazers and socks! It will give you an individual and quirky style and allow you to show off your personality more. It is still perfectly acceptable if you prefer to opt for more muted colours in colder months if it makes you feel more comfortable. Try to avoid wearing grey shirts though and go for dark colours instead such as blue, green and brown.

Colourful African Print Shirts for All Personalities 

While you are here why not take a look at Kitenge’s colourful range of ready-to-wear African print shirts for men? They can reflect an outgoing, happy, positive mood that will say a lot about your individual personality.

Kitenge provides a made to measure shirts tailoring service online, where you can create your own shirt(s) by selecting your preferred collar, cuff, placket and pocket style and choose from short sleeve shirts or long sleeve shirts. Therefore, you are able to design a shirt that is completely unique and that perhaps nobody else in the world is wearing! After you have finished designing your dream shirt you just need to measure a shirt that fits you well at home by following Kitenge’s simple ‘how to measure guide’. All you need is a fabric tape measure and a flat surface to measure the shirt.

You can currently take advantage of Kitenge’s amazing special offer, when you buy your first made to measure shirt you can get another one for free (get 50% off)! All you need to do is design and add two made to measure shirts, with the same sleeve length, to your basket and use the code MTMFIRST to get 50% off. They can be two different African prints or two of the same. The choice is entirely up to you!


Men's made to measure shirts special offer


Once Kitenge receives your custom made shirts order their talented team of tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, will start making your men’s colourful shirts lovingly by hand. Each shirt ordered helps to improve the livelihoods of Kitenge’s tailors and their families. Your orders have already helped our tailors to start and grow their own businesses by purchasing new sewing machines, moving to larger premises and hiring and training new staff, which reduces local unemployment. Kitenge aims to share photos and videos of their tailors making your made to measure garments where possible so you can see who made your clothes.

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