African Trousers

Our modern, afrocentric African trousers are stylish and fun to wear for casual occasions and make great loungewear. Swop your pyjama bottoms and hang out at home in these jazzy African print trousers instead. You will not be disappointed and might even have to ditch your favourite pair of jeans, as they are incredibly comfortable to wear! There are many unique, bold and vibrant prints to choose from in our collection of latest African styles.

Brown African Print Trousers Model Wearing

Brown African Print Trousers


Dark Blue African Print Trousers Front View

Dark Blue African Print Trousers


Mustard African Print Trousers Front View

Mustard African Print Trousers


Women's Leaf African Print Trousers Pants front view

Leaf African Print Trousers

£40.00 £32.00

Women's Flower African Print Trousers Pants front view

Flower African Print Trousers

£40.00 £32.00

Women's Turquoise African Print Trousers Pants front view showing side pockets

Turquoise African Print Trousers

£40.00 £32.00

Women's Purple African Print Trousers Pants front view

Purple African Print Trousers


Women's Diamond African Print Trousers Pants front view

Diamond African Print Trousers


Women's Mint African Print Trousers Pants front view

Mint African Print Trousers

£40.00 £32.00


All our African print clothing is lovingly handmade by our highly skilled tailors in Tanzania, East Africa, who take great care and pride over their work. Each item is individually hand cut in our tailors’ workshops using new sewing machines that they have purchased using the profits from our orders. They have also hired and trained additional staff to work with them to increase their productivity as we start to give them larger order volumes.

These colourful African print trousers can be worn all year round, as the 100% cotton material is surprisingly thick keeping you warm or cool depending on the climate. Due to the high quality fabrics and craftsmanship these African trousers will last for years! They are very sustainable and are a great investment buy, as you will wear them a lot. They also have excellent colourfastness so will look the same and also soften after each wash.

Our founder, Sian, buys only a small amount of fabric in each print at the market in Tanzania from our supplier (a family run business). As each item is individually hand cut by our tailors the print placement varies insuring no two items are ever the same! Not only is the original fabric locally sourced but also the buttons, swing tickets and labels. In fact every component that makes up the garment is sourced from Tanzania supporting many small businesses. It is crucial to add value in every step of our supply chain so that local economy benefits.


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