Womens African Print Clothing

Our bold and vibrant, modern African clothing for women are stylish, comfortable and fun to wear! From fashionable African print dresses, to unique African print tops and trendy African print skirts, there is a print for everyone who dares to go bolder!

Red Womens African Print Top Model Wearing

Red African Print Top


Brown African Print Trousers Model Wearing

Brown African Print Trousers


Women's Turquoise African Print Dress front view

Turquoise African Print Pencil Dress

£50.00 £40.00

Women's Red African Print Flare Skirt front view

Red African Print Flare Skirt

£25.00 £20.00

Amber Womens African Print Pencil Skirt Model Wearing

Amber African Print Pencil Skirt

£35.00 £30.00

Women's Black African Print Pencil Skirt front view

Black African Print Pencil Skirt

£35.00 £30.00

Women's Gold African Print Trousers Pants front view showing side pockets

Gold African Print Trousers

£40.00 £35.00

Yellow Womens African Print Top Front View

Yellow African Print Top


Red African print pencil skirt worn by a model in Tanzania

Red African Print Pencil Skirt


Dark Blue African Print Trousers Front View

Dark Blue African Print Trousers


Women's Green African Print Top front view

Green African Print Top


Women's Green African Print Flare Skirt front view

Green African Print Flare Skirt

£30.00 £25.00


Also featured in the collection are our popular, funky African print trousers and shorts that are incredibly comfortable to wear everyday with deep side pockets, an elasticated waistband and drawstring tie.

Once you’ve selected an item from our latest African fashion wear why not accessorise with one of our gorgeous, hand-beaded, statement necklaces or leather beaded sandals to match? Women’s African print clothing can be worn both casually and at formal occasions such as the office, parties, festivals, holidays and even weddings!

Wear the clothing as an African print two piece, by mixing different prints together, or style with a plain coloured top or bottom to match the colours in the design. Our high quality, clothing styles are extremely versatile, as they can easily be dressed up or down to suit many different occasions, and as they are made to last you’ll definitely get your monies worth!

Our modern afrocentric clothing will make you stand out in the crowd and help get you noticed; whilst also having the added benefit of helping to empower tailors and improving lives of families in Tanzania, East Africa.


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