African Beaded Leather Sandals

Our handmade, African beaded leather sandals are not only stylish but also very comfortable to wear as they mould to your feet after time. The durable, high quality, real leather sandals compliment many outfits due to the colourful nature of the beadwork. Each single bead is threaded by hand so a lot of time, effort and love go into making each pair. Be prepared to wear them all summer long and for many years to come. You will not want to take them off!

Women's Narrow Fit African Leather Beaded Sandals front view worn by a model

Narrow Fit African Leather Beaded Sandals

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All our sandals are lovingly handmade from scratch by our fundis (shoe makers) in their own workshops in Tanzania. Each pair takes around 6 hours to make and there are many different stages of production including the beadwork, cutting, gluing and sewing the leather soles together. The process is a real art form and they can design and create many different styles using the leather and beadwork.

Often in Tanzania you will find women creating the beaded designs and men making the leather sandals before connecting all the different pieces together. Or if a tailor works on his own he will complete each process himself with much care and precision. We use only original, high quality beads locally sourced from the market in Tanzania so that the colour remains in tact and does not rub off over time.


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