May 23, 2020 - Products

Stylish Hand-Crafted Fabric Face Masks Now Available at Kitenge

African print fabric face mask with filter pocket and fabric ties front view

Face masks are difficult to come buy at the moment. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking for face masks in order to give themselves and others added protection from catching or spreading infection. They protect the healthy and additionally help asymptomatic people from spreading the disease.

Whilst N95 or surgical masks are the most effective masks, they should be reserved for the healthcare professionals. Outside of the healthcare profession, wearing fabric masks still provides benefits to everyone but wearing a face mask alone doesn’t mean you should stop washing your hands effectively or practicing social distancing. For maximum benefit, all three should be done in combination.

Kitenge have now started hand crafting pleated fabric face masks, with a filter pocket and adjustable fabric ties, that you can pre-order online – helping you and others to stay protected. Read on to find out more.


African print fabric mask model wearing front view




African print fabric mask filter pocket back view


The filter pocket

Supporting Tanzanian Tailors with African Print Fabric Face Masks

All our face masks are hand crafted using high quality, 100% cotton, breathable African print fabric. Kitenge’s masks are available in a range of colourful and stylish prints and as offcuts of fabric are used they are also sustainable and an eco-friendly alternative to paper masks.

Masks are available in sets of 5 and each set will be totally unique to you. You order by the set and then we will pack up a bespoke set for you in a range of colours and prints. As offcuts of fabric will be used, a different print may be used for the ties compared to the front for example.


African print fabric face mask designs


Ankara fabric face mask designs


Kitenge African print fabric face mask examples (before the ties are added)

Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses across the world have been affected due to the covid-19 pandemic. This includes tailors in Tanzania whose private orders from local customers have dried up. Buying masks from Kitenge will help to support the livelihoods of these tailors and their families.


Tailors in Tanzania making African wax print fabric face masks

One of our menswear tailors, Denis, making an African print fabric face mask

Buy Kitenge’s Fabric Face Masks

Shop Kitenge’s stylish range of fabric face masks that are unique to you. The masks are currently available to pre-order with worldwide shipping from the UK (est. w/c 8th June).

Find wash and care instructions on our helpful product page or contact us if you have any questions.

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