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A pile of African wax print fabric
Fabric & Sewing

The Many Styles of African Wax Print Fabric

There are many different styles, designs and colours of original African print fabric (known as ‘ankara’ in West Africa and...

Sewing ideas make at home African wax print fabric
Fabric & Sewing

20 Fabric Items to Make at Home

Are you looking to get creative and do you need some inspiration for your next crafts or textiles project? Are...

Paint printing rollers children's art class primary school

Kitenge’s Offcuts Inspire Children to Design & Create their own African Prints!

Earlier this summer, the art teacher from Billingshurst Primary School in West Sussex, UK, got in touch with us. The...

Swahili kanga African print fabric designs from East Africa
Fabric & Sewing

Traditional African Clothing: A Guide To Kanga from East Africa

Kanga is a type of traditional African clothing that was first introduced to our founder, Sian, during her initial trip...

Kitenge Store Founder Sian visited Daniel at his batik making workshop in Ghana West Africa holding two different finished colourful fabric designs used to make modern afrocentric clothing
Fabric & Sewing

Traditional Batik Making in Ghana, West Africa

Batik is a well-respected, ancient art form and craft. It is a similar process used to make African print fabric...

Pile of African wax print fabrics shop in Tanzania
Fabric & Sewing

African Wax Print Clothing – The Story Behind The fabric

We are often asked how the ankara fabric we use to create our modern African print clothing are made, so...

Authentic African wax print fabric pile
Fabric & Sewing

The Complete Beginners’ Guide to African Wax Print Clothing

Did you know that African print fabric (commonly known as ‘Ankara’ in West Africa and ‘Kitenge’ in East Africa) was...


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