How to style your African accessories model wearing African print headwrap

How to wear your African style Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches that can transform an outfit. Depending on the occasion and desired look, they can either...

Kitenge autumn African style ideas models wearing African print shirt and African print trousers on catwalk
Style Tips

Autumn African Style Ideas

Now that autumn is here the weather will start to become colder, which means new outfit styles to explore! Autumn...

African print fabric headwraps women's African accessories

Announcing the Launch of Kitenge’s African Accessories

We’ve got some exciting news to announce! The Kitenge team have been working really hard behind the scenes and are...

Men's accessories styling tips

How to Accessorise your Men’s Shirts

There are so many ways to style men’s shirts particularly with accessories such as: bow ties, neckties, braces (or suspenders),...

Made to measure menswear suit

A History of Tailor-Made Shirts

Custom-made clothing has lots of benefits and can be a great addition to everyone’s wardrobe. The garments last for years,...

African menswear model wearing African print shirt with long sleeves fashion show at Trafalgar Square London UK
Style Tips

Summer African Fashion for Men

There are so many benefits of wearing Men’s African print clothing during the summer. It can help brighten your mood,...

Kitenge model wearing an African print skirt made from kanga cloth
Style Tips

Summer African Print Style Ideas for Females

There are so many benefits of wearing women’s African print clothing. First of all, African styles are incredibly versatile, as...

Millions of garment workers worldwide lost their job as clothing retailers cancelled orders due to COVID-19

How COVID-19 May Have a Positive Impact on a Sustainable Future for the Fashion Industry

According to the website Fashion United and a study by the Boston Consulting Group, the economic crisis is expected to...

How to wash your made to measure shirt care label example

How to Look After Your Custom-Made Shirt

The main difference between regular off-the-peg shirts and unique custom-made shirts is their superior fit. A made to measure shirt...

Made to measure shirts including collar and cuffs model wearing

Ideas on How to Customise Your Made to Measure Shirt

Made to measure shirts are popular and often preferred to an off-the-peg shirt, as they are designed to fit the...


5 African Print Shirts to Wear When Working From Home

Covid-19 has forced many employees to work from the comfort of their own home. Although some industries are starting to...

Making African wax print fabric hair accessories in Tanzania East Africa

5 Fashion Accessories to Make at Home

With COVID-19 and most people working from home, it doesn’t mean your style has to be boring. Although some industries...


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